The US is “breathing smoke” in Korea in the race to deploy 5G networks globally

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2021-07-12 11:16:58

South Korea is the first country in the world to roll out a national 5G network and is leading the way in deploying next-generation networks. This East Asian country also allows users to fully experience all the benefits of 5G technology because it is the country with the fastest 5G network in the world. This speed information was given by analysts from SpeedCheck – the company that analyzed the speed of 5G networks around the world.

The report says that speeds in South Korea can reach 449 Mbps (average download speed of 5G networks). This result was found based on tests conducted between February and March 2021.

On the other hand, the average download speed of 5G networks in the US is only 43.4 Mbps, about 10 times slower than Korean carriers. In addition, the US also has a much lower 5G penetration, only 10% compared to 20% of South Korea.

5G network helps people have a better experience on the Internet space

High speeds imply that people in Korea are likely to get a better 5G experience with faster download times for large files, richer VR/AR experiences, and even playing video games online. Notably, ranked second in the list of regions with the fastest 5G download speeds is Taiwan when this country only achieved an average speed of 135.36 Mbps. This speed is still significantly lower than that of telecom carriers in Korea.

A price comparison between US and Korean networks shows that those in the US pay around $1.5 per GB, while South Koreans pay $2.30 per GB. Although the number is higher, the difference in network speed between the two seems to make up the overall value. SpeedCheck also believes that pricing shouldn’t be a constraint for Americans if they can take advantage of much faster network speeds.

Speedcheck statistics table

Taiwan is in second place with a much lower speed of only 136.36 Mbps. Third place belongs to the UK with a result of 126.49 Mbps. The ranking also includes countries such as Japan, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Australia, Kuwait, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, USA and many more. Quite interestingly, China has no place in the rankings even though 5G networks are being built there at an increasingly fast rate and the country leads in the number of 5G devices.


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