The Vietnam Raid Team officially completed the gold medal task at the 31st SEA Games

The Vietnam Raid Team officially completed the gold medal task at the 31st SEA Games


2022-05-28 09:32:17

On May 22, the Vietnam Raid team will enter the final to decide the gold medal. As a nostalgic sport for the Vietnamese gaming community, playing at home and being highly appreciated, the goal of the Vietnamese team will be nothing more than a gold medal. In addition, this is probably the rare time Raid has the opportunity to appear at a major sporting event, so in terms of meaning, it is even more important.

Although the opponent is a Philippines who is also quite strong in the field of Esports, but the Vietnamese players still show complete superiority. In all 3 games, the Vietnamese players took the advantage almost completely. The maximum concentration and determination is clearly shown, especially in the opening game, the Philippines intentionally chose for themselves the map of Harbor – a map that is quite convenient for players from the Philippines.

In games 2 and 3, the situation was quite similar to game 1 when Vietnam showed overwhelming dominance, and the Filipino players also showed a certain discomfort. Only thing, the Filipino players were “relentless” in the face of the overwhelming firepower of the Vietnamese players. The opponent’s efforts only made Vietnam’s victory more meaningful and helped the audience have more dramatic moments.

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Vietnam took a 2-0 lead in the match against the Philippines

With this victory, Vietnam officially won the gold medal at the 31st SEA Games in Raid. And although Raid is no longer attractive as in the past days, it is undeniable that the efforts of the Vietnamese team players on the journey to bring glory to the country at this 31st SEA Games.

After this victory, captain Shady affirmed that the SEA Games gold medal was a great moment in his career. He also affirmed that despite being highly appreciated, all Vietnamese players have put aside all livestream work and focused on training with the determination to win the gold medal for Vietnam.

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Vietnam Raid players on the podium to receive medals (Photo: Kayle)

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