The world’s first USB-C iPhone uses a “crazy” price jump, increasing 20 times in just a few days of auction

The world’s first USB-C iPhone uses a “crazy” price jump, increasing 20 times in just a few days of auction


2021-11-10 14:23:13

A month ago, engineering student Ken Pillonel became the first person in the world to create an iPhone X with a USB-C port that could function as it should. – including the ability to charge and transfer data through it.

After years of waiting for Apple to make an iPhone with a USB-C port, I decided that was more than enough for me. I will do it myself.” Pillonel said in a YouTube video talking about the process of designing this iPhone with USB-C.

Finally, Pillonel decided to auction the final finished product on eBay. Even winning this auction, the buyer has to accept some rather uncomfortable conditions. They will not be able to restore, update or delete the data in this device, nor open the device and will not use it as an everyday device.

But all these inconveniences did not stop the number of people wanting to own it – last Wednesday the highest price was only $ 5,000, but now the price has exceeded 100,000 USD and when the auction ends on November 11, perhaps the price will go even higher.

The world's first USB-C iPhone with a crazy price jump, increased 20 times after just a few days of auction - Photo 2.

Pillonel told Business Insider: “I was really surprised by this reaction. I believe the reason for this is that there hasn’t been a new Apple-related collection for sale recently. So people don’t have a chance to own such a remarkable item like this. They see it as an investment.”

The winner of this auction will receive an iPhone X with a USB-C port with 64GB of storage with no accessories included. Buyers will also receive a 30-minute call from Pillonel to answer any questions about the device.

While many people have been calling on Apple to include a USB-C port on iPhones for years now, this line of devices continues to use Apple’s proprietary Lightning port. Meanwhile, some new iPad versions have been equipped with a USB-C port by Apple to replace the Lightning port for many years now.

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