The “zero to hero” transformation of vivo rookies in foreign markets

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2022-05-16 08:30:30

In early 2022, vivo T series had an impressive launch in countries such as India, Thailand, Malaysia, and China. The phone has many impressive achievements and is considered to have a powerful CPU at a good price. This is the first time vivo has launched a performance-focused phone. Therefore, the acceptance of users in the markets is the initial success of the T series. Foreign newspapers have given a lot of “wings” to the new international version of vivo’s new product.

Specifically, the Financial Express headlined: “vivo T1 5G, light and lightning fast phone”

This sheet reads: “When it comes to the mid-range segment of the smartphone market, vivo always stands out and has a clear advantage over other brands. What this brand can do is the performance of the product is always very good in the price range. Young customers have always appreciated the vivo phone in every aspect such as design, screen, camera and battery.

Then, the article introduces the launch of T1 5G, the company’s first smartphone in the T series. This phone is rated as “fast like lightning” and “is a perfect companion for users”.

“If there’s one reason to buy a T1 5G product, it’s definitely speed. You will be amazed at the excellent performance, fast charging. Not to mention, this phone has the best camera in the mid-range segment.”

The Indian Express assessed: “The screen of the phone is too great for web surfing and gaming, providing a great entertainment experience on a smartphone.” site reviews: “vivo’s new T series smartphones are aimed squarely at Gen Z users. And that’s why vivo T series features outstanding displays, high-resolution cameras and the latest Android operating system. The products of the T series are powered by the powerful processor from the Qualcomm Snapdragon family but at the most affordable price for a powerful performance, without lag or stutter even when opening multiple applications at the same time. a time”.

Cashify’s reviewer also rated this phone as a “war horse” for gamers. “On Vivo T1 5G, I tested several games, including Genshin Impact, Call of Duty: Mobile and BGMI. All run smoothly at high to medium settings. To be more precise, I launched Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) with default graphics and framerate settings of “HD” and “high”. At these settings, the game still runs smoothly and the device does not get hot.”

With “winging” compliments for this product line in launched markets, the news that this phone is about to be “launched” in the Vietnamese market makes technology fans constantly talk. With outstanding performance and best price in the same segment in launched markets, gamers have “aimed” this phone as a “horse” for the goal of winning in all competitions. . The strong performance of vivo T series will probably meet everyone’s expectations for a real “war” phone.The price of this phone line in Vietnam also makes people curious and speculated.

Currently, vivo’s T series launch information in Vietnam is still being left open. Let’s hope that technology lovers will soon experience this phone at “home”!

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