There’s a beautiful lawn that people step on all the time, the guy who made the AI ​​faucet sprayed it all

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2021-07-20 10:04:50

Planting a lawn is a delicate process that requires diligent watering and preventing people from trampling on your lawn all day.

Ryder from YouTube’s Ryder Calm Down has a beautiful lawn but struggled to keep people from stepping on it, until he built an artificially intelligent sprinkler to scare people away. neighbor out of his lawn.

In his area before, most homeowners didn’t have to worry about locals crossing the front lawn, but after the city dug up most of the paved sidewalks to and left only the dirt road in front of the house. your house. Ryder has replanted grass on the remnants of land, but has been relentlessly hindered by locals continuing to walk where the sidewalk once was.

The solution to this: either he becomes the “tough old man” yelling at everyone to leave his lawn, or builds an automated solution that is less grumpy, but arguably more “evil” . Ryder implemented the second way.

AI sprinklers prevent pedestrians from stepping on grass

Using skills learned building an AI-powered device that automatically… compliments dogs when someone walks them by, Ryder paired a Wyze security camera running a custom program to a video feed. with the Raspberry Pi, an electronic valve that controls the flow of water through the nozzle, and the YOLOv3 machine learning model capable of detecting and recognizing objects such as dogs and people.

When a target is detected, in this case, a person or dog on Ryder’s front lawn, the solenoid valve opens automatically and the sprinkler kicks in, actively driving anyone off the lawn — or at least is anyone who doesn’t want to get wet.

It’s not a perfect solution to the problem, but it’s better than putting up an unsightly fence around newly planted patches of grass, installing ineffective signage, or spending the day sitting on the porch on a rocking chair. shield to intimidate anyone passing by.

Reference: Gizmodo

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