These are the best mirrorless cameras of the year 2021

These are the best mirrorless cameras of the year 2021


2021-03-31 08:21:40

Mirrorless cameras seem to have completely overtaken traditional DSLRs by bringing today’s most powerful technologies into a compact, lightweight design for easy portability. place. Currently on the market there are many mirrorless cameras with different price ranges, types of sensors and uses, so choosing a suitable product for yourself becomes a success. time-consuming work.

The Petapixel photography site recently announced a list of the best mirrorless cameras available today, including those with Crop, Full-frame sensors, the most advanced is Medium Format; For the traditional photographer or videographer that makes it the best camera for anyone.

Good all-round mirrorless camera: Sony Alpha 1

If money is not an issue and you want the mirrorless camera with many of the most powerful features available today that can do anything, then the Sony Alpha 1 is the choice for you. The camera features a full-frame high resolution 50.1-megapixel sensor, more than 15 steps of light, ISO up to 32,000, the ability to capture high-speed 30 frames per second inside a weather resistant body. It’s also a very powerful camera for video purposes, with 8K recording capabilities and a plethora of frame options when shooting 4K and FullHD.

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With a price tag of up to 6500 USD (150 million VND), this is one of the most expensive Full-frame cameras today and only for those with a wide ‘pocket’. However, those who are lucky enough to own it will certainly never feel lacking any features at all, worthy of the premium price.

Mirrorless camera for both movie and photo shoots: Canon EOS R5

Canon EOS R5 is Canon’s flagship product in 2020, converging all the features that Japanese camera maker can do. It has a 45-megapixel Dual Pixel Full-frame sensor, 8K movie recording, continuous shooting capability up to 20 frames per second, water-resistant body on par with EOS 5D Mark IV series and a high-quality electronic viewfinder. .

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The advantage of the Canon EOS R5 is Canon’s famous Dual Pixel II AF phase-detection AF system, which enables fast focusing in both stills and movies. It can also focus on human and animal eyes. On the contrary, the big drawback of the EOS R5 is its ability to dissipate heat, where overheating can occur if filming for too long in hot weather conditions.

Best mirrorless camera: Sony a7S III

For semi-professional, even professional filmmakers looking for a compact mirrorless camera, the best option today is the Sony a7S III. It features a 12 MP Full-frame sensor optimized for video recording, with 4K 120p recording, 16-bit Raw 10-bit 4: 2: 2, which is stabilized by a 5-axis system. This is also a rare Alpha machine with an omnidirectional flip screen, making it easy to shoot at difficult angles.

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Not a bad option, too, is the Panasonic S1H designed specifically for video creators. It is capable of recording 6K 4: 2: 2 10-bit with V-Log color system. The S1H will be more powerful than the a7S III in still photography because it has a 24MP sensor, but loses in the focus system as well as the video recording options in the body (no need to attach to an external receiver). .

Mirrorless camera with Medium Format sensor: Fujifilm GFX100S

The step towards full-frame image quality is the cameras with large Medium Format sensors. Choosing Medium Format mirrorless camera from Petapixel is the Fujifilm GFX100S with the price of 6000 USD.

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The machine has a 102-megapixel BSI-CMOS sensor supported by an anti-shake system, capable of recording 4K 30p movies, continuous shooting of 5 frames per second and even a super-sharp shooting mode, for photos with high resolution. Resolution up to 400 MP. The most remarkable point of this machine is that it possesses a relatively compact design despite containing a larger sensor than Full-frame, in contrast to the previous GFX100.

In recent times, Fujifilm’s only competitor in the Medium Format camera market is themselves, as models like the GFX50R, 50S or GFX100 are all worthy options. Hasselblad is the only company that can thrive to compete with Fujifilm, but for now the Japanese camera company is still holding the top spot.

Mirrorless camera with best crop sensor: Fujifilm X-T4

Crop sensor (or APS-C) does not mean inferior quality, even in many cases equipped with a small gon sensor also helps Crop cameras have a higher processing speed, along with that is the ‘gentle’ price tag. The best Crop camera as voted by Petapixel is the Fujifilm X-T4 with the price of 1700 USD. It has a 26-megapixel X-trans sensor with anti-shake, 20 frames per second continuous shooting and a larger battery than its predecessor.

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Other features of the machine include 4K60p movie recording, FullHD 240p slo-mo, omnidirectional rotating screen, 2 UHS-II SD memory card slots, 3.68 million pixel viewfinder and not to mention 12 fake colors. filmmaking made the name of the Fujifilm X-Mount cameras. With this list of features, the X-T4 is a mirrorless crop machine with a ‘no compromise’ criterion, well worth the money users spend.

Mirrorless camera for new photographers: the Fujifilm X-T30

If you are new to the world of photography and are not ready to spend too much money on equipment, the camera that you should aim for is the Fujifilm X-T30. With a relatively cheap price of only $ 900, the X-T30 is still not inferior to more advanced options with 26-megapixel X-trans sensor, 3-inch flip screen, 20 frames per second continuous shooting. , Wifi and Bluetooth to transfer photos to smartphones, tablets. In terms of movie recording capabilities, the X-T30 can shoot 4K30p in either DCI or UHD format, aided by a 425-point phase-detection AF system.

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According to experts from Petapixel, the actual use experience of the X-T30 is not too ‘short’ compared to the higher-end product, the X-T4, unless you need the best photography and video features out there. now on. Two options also worth paying attention to newcomers are the X-S10 with the same brand and Sony a6400, but the X-T30 will still be a better machine for the majority of new users.

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