Theta Network postponed the launch of mainnet 3.0

Theta Network postponed the launch of mainnet 3.0


2021-03-29 04:26:40

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Decentralized streaming platform – Theta Network has announced that it will postpone the 3.0 mainnet launch date to June 30, 2021.

Originally, the scheduled launch date for the Theta 3.0 mainnet was April 21, 2021.

But now the event has been moved to June 30, 2021. According to Theta, the postponement will allow the development team to refine things more thoroughly before release. The team said this is intended to secure one of the most important parts, the Edge network.

Theta’s mainnet 3.0 will have new extras including Elite Edge and TFUEL staking buttons and token burning. Mainnet 3.0 introduces additional costs for using the Edge network. This charge will act “as a balancing force against a new supply of TFUEL.” At least 25% of this cost would be burned, resulting in a decrease in supply.

Edge nodes will gain the status of Elite Edge nodes when they stake TFUEL. Elite Edge buttons can also earn more TFUEL on stakes.

The project first announced plans to release a new mainnet last December. Their mainnet 2.0 went live in May 2020, and Theta recorded a huge increase in nodes during construction until launch.

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