This company will use super giant kites to pull ships to surf on the sea to reduce harmful emissions

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2021-12-21 09:30:08

In January 2022, the French company Airseas will begin testing towing cargo ships across the vast Atlantic Ocean with a giant kite. This is considered a potential project in efforts to reduce harmful emissions caused by vehicles moving at sea.

Emissions from ships have been a big and painful problem for the environment in recent years. About 80% of the world’s exports are transported by sea, with the help of more than 50,000 ships and boats from different countries. They often use dirty fuel known as “bunker fuel”.

Some studies show that these cheap fuels produce about 2% of carbon emissions and about 10-15% of sulfur oxides and nitrous oxides worldwide. All have negative effects on public health.

Airseas wants to use a giant kite to pull cargo ships across the sea to reduce the load of harmful emissions into the environment.

That is why Airseas has built the giant vacuum kite Seawing, which covers an area of ​​​​about 500 square meters. It will tow the Ville de Bordeaux, 154 meters long, carrying aircraft parts, from France to the US by sea. It is known that Airseas’ experiment will last for 6 months before being widely applied in actual freight orders.

An Airseas representative said:This option was born out of an urgent situation that requires us to act immediately for the climate and the planet on which we live. We are committed to providing all types of vessels with free and unlimited ways to make the most of wind energy.n”. In other words, we will be back to the familiar sailing mechanism that was used many centuries ago, when people took advantage of the wind to move on the sea and to transport goods between different continents. .

However, it must be emphasized that Seawing is not a complete replacement, but only a measure to help minimize emissions from vehicles. The Ville de Bordeaux will still use its engines to navigate, but surely the traction from Airseas’ giant kite will help it travel faster, use less materials and emit less harmful gases .

This company will use super giant kites to drag ships to surf on the sea to reduce harmful emissions - Photo 2.

Seawing will be controlled by a computer to make the most of wind energy.

In addition, Airseas also confirmed that they will soon launch a 1000 square meter version of the Seawing in the future, with the ability to fly up to 300 meters above the boat, promising to reduce emissions by up to 20% in each year. trip. Computer technology will help this kite move better to make the most of wind energy to pull the boat away.

Airseas also said that the Seawing installation process is also relatively simple. Basically, we just need to hook the kite to the deck, press the control button and it will immediately explode into the air and follow the wind to fly up and pull the ship away. The company also says its products are quite flexible, can be customized designed to fit almost any type of vehicle at sea.

Video introducing Airseas’ super giant Seawing kite.

The figure of 20% may still be quite modest, but it is very promising for the shipping industry, which has been struggling to find possible ways to operate in a green – cleaner way in recent years. They tried many new materials to reduce harmful emissions, but they created new and even more serious environmental problems with more unpredictable consequences.

The shipping process alone for four major companies, including Amazon, Walmart, Target and IKEA, has emitted about 20 million tons of CO2 over the past two years. Scientists predict that these emissions could increase sharply in the next few decades, especially as the number of freight trains could increase to 130% by 2050, amid an increasingly online shopping landscape. become popular.

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