This is the fastest way to look up

This is the fastest way to look up


2022-06-13 10:38:51

Article 13 of Decree 137/2015/ND-CP stipulates that an individual identification number is a sequence of natural numbers consisting of 12 numbers, with the structure of 6 numbers being the birth century code, the gender code and the citizen’s year of birth code. the code of the province, city directly under the central government or the country code where the citizen registered his birth and 6 numbers is a random number range.

According to the provisions of Articles 14 and 15 of Decree No. 137/2015/ND-CP, citizens are granted a personal identification number when registering for a birth certificate or applying for a CCCD (in the case of birth registration or permanent residence registration). but have not been assigned a personal identification number or the case of citizens using 9-digit ID cards to register for CCCD).

For people who already have CCCD, the personal identification number is a sequence of 12 numbers on the CCCD.

For those who do not have a 12-digit ID/CCCD, citizens can look up their personal identification number on the Residence Management Public Service Portal.

Step 1: Access the address: – select Sign In.

Step 2: Log in with your National Public Service Portal account.

Step 3: Select the “Stay” icon on the homepage to check your own personal identification number.

Step 4: Personal identification number will display the item “Notifier information”.

For childrenCurrently, the Ministry of Public Security has issued personal identification numbers for babies. Therefore, each citizen has a personal identification number on the National Population Database System.

However, because they have not been issued with an ID card/CCCD, children cannot log in to the Public Service Portal to look up identification numbers. Instead, The lookup of the child’s personal identification number can be done directly on the child’s birth certificate.

In the event that the child’s personal identification number cannot be found on the birth certificate, parents can contact the police in the area where the child’s birth certificate is registered to be provided. When going to get a personal identification number for their child, parents need to bring their child’s household registration book and birth certificate.


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