This is the object you should not and cannot use Apple AirTag to track

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2021-05-10 11:06:57

AirTag is a small, coin-sized Bluetooth tracker that allows you to locate the specific object it attaches to.

AirTag is designed to be attached to any object, and allows users to quickly locate the object through the Find My app on an iPhone or iPad. It works on Apple’s network of hundreds of millions of iPhones, iPads, and Macs worldwide, providing coverage and location at an unprecedented global level.

In a nutshell, through AirTag, you can control the position of any object right on your phone, greatly reducing the cases of negligible misplacement.

However, the question is whether this device can be misused to perform illegal and ethical tracking acts?

AirTag is designed to track and locate objects

First of all, it must be clear that the group of objects that AirTags are types of objects, not people. Apple does not design and develop AirTag to track people, because of course, there are a lot of ethical and legal issues related to spying on someone without their consent, but here are just the “beginning” of the story.

In essence, AirTag was born as a device that helps track and locate objects that you interact with regularly, such as bags, backpacks, bicycles, or even even. pet. The ultimate goal is to make sure you don’t lose your important object.

AirTag is designed to track and locate objects

When the AirTag has not been connected to the original device (managed device) for three days, it will begin to sound an alarm in hopes of being found. You can manually enable this tone by using the Find My app on iPhone, iPad, Mac, or at

AirTag cards are water resistant (with an IP67 rating) and have years of battery life, but they don’t always work as you should. Or rather, AirTag is not “miraculous” enough to help you locate a lost item anytime, anywhere, even though it is designed for that purpose. For example, someone with an iPhone will need to stand within close enough range to “catch up” with the AirTag or hear the tone it emits.

Spying on unauthorized people is unethical (and illegal).

Again, spying on someone without their consent is illegal in many countries and jurisdictions around the world. For example, the use of the Global Positioning System (GPS) to track suspects (mounted on the body) in the United States can only be made by law enforcement with the permission of the court. And at least 18 states have regulations banning the use of GPS devices to track someone without their consent.

The AirTag is not a GPS device as it uses Bluetooth to notify nearby Apple devices of its presence. The Apple device can then forward the location it discovers to AirTag to Apple’s Find My network. This difference means that AirTag is outside many of the current regulations for stalking people that focus solely on GPS, but in essence it is still illegal and in many situations it is airborne. virtue.

Spying on unauthorized people is immoral

In fact, Apple has also invented a safeguard against AirTag’s misuse of spying on unauthorized people. Specifically, if you have an iPhone running iOS 14.5 or higher (or an iPad with iPadOS 14.5 or higher) and it detects an AirTag that doesn’t belong to someone in your vicinity, the phone will immediately notify you. report about this, and warn you that you may be being spied on.

If you can’t find the AirTag tracking you, your iPhone will force that AirTag to play a tone to help you locate it. You can then scan it with any NFC-enabled smartphone to get instructions on how to turn off the AirTag by removing the battery. Additionally, Apple may also comply with requests from law enforcement to disclose the identity of the owner of the AirTag, which can be detected using the serial number assigned to the device. .

So how about using AirTag to track people when authorized? It is still difficult because AirTags cannot update in real time because they do not have any GPS or Internet connection. AirTags works by communicating anonymously with Apple devices within range. This exchange of location data is not instantaneous and it is difficult to provide an absolutely accurate location, as is the case with many GPS devices.

The plus point of AirTags is that it can give you an idea of ​​where someone’s last position is when any iPhone passes by. If you want to know where your child or spouse is currently, then AirTag will disappoint you.


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