This Tet considers what TV to “launch” to welcome AFF

This Tet considers what TV to “launch” to welcome AFF

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2022-12-22 05:54:42

The end of the New Year is always a time for everyone to redecorate their homes, buy new items, and wish for the reunion and prosperity to come to the whole family. And the TVs are always the first thing that comes to mind.

TV is always an item that is often considered for replacement when the user’s enjoyment needs are increasingly enhanced.

Because at the current rate of technology development, just one year on, the TV in the home is often no longer enough to meet the increasingly high-end enjoyment needs. Meanwhile, this device is especially important when it is always considered as the entertainment center of the whole family, accompanying and connecting all members to sit together during Tet.

Especially when the AFF football championship is about to take place, no one does not want to enjoy the top-notch image quality, immerse in the exciting football atmosphere and cheer for the Vietnamese team playing. . So it’s time for us to search and “lock in” a new TV right away.

“Upgrade” technology, experience the top

At the present time, the size of the TV is no longer a determining factor when the generations of large screens from 55 inches and above are very easy for users to access. Instead, it’s the technologies that enhance the audiovisual experience that are of interest to users. For example, TVs of Samsung’s QLED, Neo QLED or OLED product lines, although using different projection technologies, are maintaining their leading positions, becoming the industry standard for picture quality. .

From the ability to reproduce details, sharpness to true color expression with impressive contrast, all proved to be superior to older generation TVs. Like the newly released Samsung OLED TV S95B, the ultra-high brightness combined with deep blacks and infinite contrast will provide an immersive visual experience that can turn your home into a real movie theater. consume.

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Whether it’s Neo QLED, QLED or OLED, Samsung TVs are becoming the standard in picture quality.

Or with Samsung’s Neo QLED 8K 2022 TV models, which have an AI processor, which can be set up to turn all the images you are watching into impressive with a resolution of up to 8K. Whether we are watching a news program or watching AFF matches on VTV or even YouTube, the image quality is always guaranteed, so that viewers can watch and feel everything. events accurately and truthfully.

On the other hand, if the sound on older TVs has always been a “barrier” that makes it difficult for users to get a truly complete experience, on Neo QLED, QLED or OLED TVs, this is gone. Not only possessing high-powered speakers with perfect Dolby Atmos surround sound reproduction, Samsung TVs also integrate OTS Pro technology that detects the movement of objects to adjust the sound accordingly. Since then, the exciting atmosphere of each thrilling ball phase has been fully recreated, helping the whole family to feel like they are at the school bridge, wholeheartedly cheering for the Vietnamese team.

8K content offer, happy Tet holiday

Besides technology, Samsung’s new generation TVs are more attractive than ever with a series of extremely quality offers. Some Neo QLED 8K/4K TV models are bundled with The Frame TV and high-quality tower speakers, which both deliver top-notch picture quality and have an explosive sound that stirs up the Tet atmosphere even more.

This New Year, consider what TV to upgrade to welcome AFF - Photo 3.

Additional speakers enhance the full, explosive sound imaging experience.

In addition, interesting content is also preferentially equipped by Samsung exclusively for these new TV models. Like watching top-notch matches within the framework of AFF on FPT Play, or a series of programs such as preview privileges, unlimited VIP packages have also been updated on VieON application. Not only that, this application is also prioritized to be equipped with many attractive content such as: gameshow 2 Days 1 Night special edition; 7 Spring Smiles, the mini series of Female Hosts in 8K format, delivers top-notch quality, serving up to the entertainment needs of Tet.

This New Year, consider what TV to upgrade to welcome AFF - Photo 4.

With a variety of applications with rich content, this New Year does not need to worry about entertainment for the whole family.

Along with that, promotions such as free warranty period, 0% installment payment or small prepayment to receive a large TV are still applied to provide an easy opportunity for users to own a TV without any hassle. i love. It can be seen that, besides a strong technology platform, reasonable price and especially accompanied by extremely attractive incentive packages, there will be no reason for users not to choose to “upgrade” TV. right now.

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