Thought there was something good about the mechanical Citizen watch, it turned out to be so

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2021-07-22 03:08:28

5 differences in mechanical Citizen watches that make users fall in love

The mechanical Citizen watch with the normal Citizen watch only differs in style, while the movement, design materials or other features that come with it will not be too big of a difference. So why is the engine line so popular?

Classier than conventional mechanical watches

Not to mention design features or materials, just designing a Citizen watch with a mechanical movement is enough to eat away the usual designs. The wearer is very proud because anyone who looks at this knows that this is a mechanical watch while if the machine is not exposed, the wearer may have to explain a lot.

Because it makes the wearer more classy and luxurious, the exposed design is very popular. According to data shared by Hai Trieu Watch – an authorized Citizen dealer in Vietnam, the mechanical line is selling better than other designs in the same segment.

With a more beautiful design, Citizen mechanical watches also become more classy for users

Admire the movement

Open Heart (also known as Open Heart) watches are mechanical watches with a design that exposes the movement to the outside of the dial. At the same time, the back of the watch also uses transparent glass to completely reveal the machine to the outside.

Therefore, the user or the opposite person can easily admire the movement of the internal apparatus. Including the movement of the mechanical component, the rotating flywheel and the winding.

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Mechanical watches are not too strange, however, Citizen watches expose their muscles as a big change for those who are just learning to play mechanical watches.

The aesthetic of the movement is one level higher

If with a regular men’s watch (without revealing the movement), the manufacturer may not invest too much in the aesthetics of the movement, but on a mechanical Citizen watch, this issue is carefully taken care of.

Specifically, in order to show the movement of mechanical components to the outside in the most beautiful way, the manufacturers had to calculate very carefully to ensure that the movement is smooth, not rough.

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The aesthetics are closely studied on the exposed Citizen watches

The selling price of Citizen exposed watches is more expensive

If the same mechanical watch line with Japanese movement, in-house assembly, power reserve of 40 hours, oscillation frequency of 21600 VPH, … but the Citizen watch will be more expensive. The reason given is that the design is somewhat complicated.

As mentioned, Citizen mechanical watches must both meet the company’s quality standards and meet the standards of aesthetics from the user, so the price will be more expensive from 1 to 3 million depending on the model. form.

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The selling price of Citizen mechanical watches is somewhat higher, but still attracts a large number of interested customers because of its classy design

Keep the price during use

A fact shows that, if you buy and use a Citizen mechanical watch, it will ensure to keep the price at a better level than quartz or conventional mechanical movements. It is for this reason that Citizen Open Heart is collected a lot.

Therefore, investing in an exposed Citizen watch is a wise choice that professional watch enthusiasts often apply. If you are a common customer, Citizen exposes the device is also worth owning thanks to its beautiful design.

Thought there was something good about the mechanical Citizen watch, it turned out to be - Photo 5.

Users of mechanical Citizen watches are also easily “upgraded” with a better product because the mechanical Citizen watch series is easy to be liquidated at a high price.

Selling price of Citizen mechanical watches in Vietnam market

Compared to a normal mechanical watch, which will have a price ranging from 5 to 12 million, a Citizen mechanical watch costs from 8 to 13 million, shared from Hai Trieu Watch, an authorized Citizen dealer in Vietnam. .

Currently, Citizen is very popular in the Vietnamese market because it is a famous Japanese brand, using Japanese machines and high-quality materials, so it is durable, guaranteed quality and full of warranty policies.

However, besides that, counterfeit goods also appear a lot and it is difficult to distinguish, so customers are always advised to go to authorized Citizen Vietnam dealers for safe shopping.

The privileges when buying at agents like Hai Trieu are that customers enjoy up to 5 years warranty, free shipping, 1-for-1 policy, 0% interest installment payment and many other incentives.

Citizen authorized agent in Vietnam


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