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2021-12-31 15:59:18

Referring to the clutch car segment, it is impossible not to mention the name Honda Winner X. Since its launch, Honda Winner has faced heavy opponents like Yamaha Exciter – a brand holding nearly 70% of the market share in the segment. small-sized clutch. To be able to defeat the opponent, Honda Winner X always creates a different personality that makes the opposite person pay attention.

As a car line aimed at young customers, Honda continuously improves and upgrades its products. 5 years ago, Honda first introduced to users the Honda Winner sports clutch model with the goal of breaking the unique position of Yamaha Exciter in the 150cc sport clutch segment. But the first generation did not complete the task.

Not accepting the failed ending, Honda Vietnam continued to upgrade, improve and launch the second generation of this model with the name Honda Winner X. The birth of Winner X as a proof that Honda is really determined to gain market share in the small clutch car segment.

Honda Winner X has completely overcome the disadvantages of the previous generation version. In particular, the design changes with a more youthful, personality and sporty style. Besides, the engine equipment is always focused by Honda. Honda Winner X owns a PGM-Fi 150cc 4-stroke single-cylinder electronic fuel injection engine block combined with a 6-speed gearbox, DOHC 4-valve double cam, liquid-cooled. Thanks to that, Honda Winner X is appreciated more than the opponent in both the starting step and the stability when moving at high speed.

Another upgrade that makes it easy for users to decide to spend money is equipped with ABS brakes. At the time of 2019, it is difficult to find an opponent who is willing to play like Honda when equipping ABS brakes on popular clutch cars. ABS brakes as a “weapon” to help Honda Winner X succeed with impressive sales. ABS brakes are the highlight that makes the Honda Winner X different from other competitors in the same segment.

Specifically, by the end of October 2020, that is, after 4 years of launch, Honda Winner X (2nd generation of Honda Winner) has achieved cumulative sales of 92,733 vehicles. This number has helped Honda Winner X capture 51% of the market share in the 150cc sports clutch segment. Taking advantage of the victory, in 2021 Honda Winner X also achieved impressive sales with nearly 77,000 cars sold (by the end of November 2021).

Some other details refreshed by Honda on Winner X are colors and car stamps. Although it is only a small detail, it contributes to increasing the attractiveness of Honda Winner X in the race for the top.

It seems that Honda Vietnam has been very clever when choosing Den Vau as the brand ambassador for the Honda Winner X series. With the spirit of a beautiful lifestyle, living life to the fullest Honda is affirming Winner’s unmistakable uniqueness. X in the hearts of customers. Youthful, enthusiastic, masculine and healthy are the symbols that users always think of when referring to Black Vau and Honda Winner X.

Not stopping there, Honda also develops the WINNER Alliance community. The Winner Alliance community is home to drivers who share the same passion for music. Offline activities of the WINNER X Alliance Congress, entertainment and community support activities held throughout the epidemic season… have shown the right direction of Honda in building and developing a cohesive community. , spreading and creating deep influence in the market.

Currently, the WINNER Alliance community has about 23,000 members across the country and is constantly growing. The alliance is not only a connection platform, but also a typical community model demonstrating the strength of those who aspire to conquer challenges, thereby radiating positive energy to promote members to meet, share passions, discover valuable experiences all the way, and together carry out meaningful and practical community activities.

With the desire to express gratitude to customers who always trust the Honda brand in general, multiplying the year-end shopping joy for customers who love the WINNER X clutch model in particular, Honda Vietnam implements the program. attractive gratitude program with the name: “The biggest promotion, quality with Honda”.

Specifically: customers who buy Honda Winner X cars at HEAD and General Motorcycle Stores from November 1, 2021 to the end of December 31, 2021 (based on the date recorded on the Value Added Invoice issued to customers). customers) will receive a vehicle registration fee of 5 million VND per vehicle.

This is a meaningful and practical gift that Honda Vietnam wants to give to customers at a time when people’s lives are affected by the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic.

For all information related to the promotion program, please contact the following phone numbers (toll-free) for guidance and answers:

  • Customer care phone number: 1800 8001

Or send an email to:

  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Time: From 07:30 to 18:00 all days of the week, except holidays.


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