TikTok tests the Stories feature

TikTok tests the Stories feature

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2021-08-05 20:28:12

Stories is a feature that posts user stories on a separate window frame and it only lasts 24 hours. Originally created by Snapchat in 2016, the Stories feature has been borrowed by competitors like Facebook or Linkedin with great success.

Now it is the turn of the rising social network TikTok to imitate. According to images taken by British social networking expert Matt Navarra, TikTok seems to be testing a new feature called TikTok Stories for a small group of users outside the US.

This feature works similarly to competitor Stories. Accordingly, TikTok users can share their stories and this content will be deleted after 24 hours. Other users can interact by leaving comments on each story.

The new Stories feature on TikTok allows users to share stories for 24 hours, including videos and images.

“We are always thinking about new things to add value to the community and enrich the user experience. We’re currently testing ways to give creators a different way of getting their creations out into the TikTok community,” a company spokesperson said.

Despite imitating, TikTok is also copied by many competitors. Instagram and YouTube both invested in launching their respective short video posting features last year. However, TikTok is by far the most successful short video posting platform in the world with over 3 billion installs and over 732 million monthly users.

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