Timeless car masterpiece!

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2021-12-31 09:58:26

After dozens of years since Honda “set foot” in the Vietnamese market, whenever it comes to the legendary car that has made the name of the Japanese automaker popular globally, many consumers will probably Immediately think of the name Honda Cub.

The proof is that in 2006, the Discovery Channel’s motorcycle program rated Honda Cub as the number one car, a superstar in all types of motorcycles. In 2012, Super Cub 110 and Super Cub 50 were restyled as Super Cub worldwide. Not only that, the popularity of Super Cub is also reflected when in 2017, the car surpassed 100 million units produced in October 2017, since it was first introduced in 1958.

In October 2018, in order to honor the “legacy” as well as breathe new life into the motorcycle market, giving users more interesting options, Honda introduced in Vietnam the historic model. , making the dream of lovers of nostalgic car style come true.

Recently, Honda has officially launched the Special version of the “Legendary Icon” Honda Super Cub C125 on October 15, 2021 in Vietnam in mysterious matte black, showing a strong and mixed rise. Perfect style of classic and modern can be used by all customers.

The new Super Cub C125 version inherits the nostalgic design style with the typical traditional image of the Cub series. The model owns an S-shaped design, creating the impression of a soft harmony for the overall car. The elegant color scheme with subtle details in every line and the modern chrome finish give it a premium feel for quality.

Powering the Honda Super Cub is a 123.94cc, air-cooled, 4-stroke, single cylinder engine block, equipped with PGM-FI, providing powerful performance and fuel economy. . The car reaches a maximum capacity of 6.87kW at the engine speed of 7,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 10.15Nm at an engine speed of 5,000 rpm. This engine block not only brings durable and powerful performance, but also effective fuel economy for users.

The manufacturer has equipped the new rear saddle with Urethane cushion with large thickness, high resilience, which maximizes smoothness and creates comfort for users on every long trip. In addition, the new version of the saddle is also mixed with outstanding color tones by the company, which further enhances the mysterious and classic beauty of this legendary model.

In addition, the new Honda Super Cub version also owns a full LED lighting system and SMART Key with the traditional 3D bird wing logo, equipped with 3 functions: Anti-theft warning, smart vehicle locating and start the electrical system.

It can be seen that Honda is constantly making efforts, breaking ways and researching and developing new modern technologies to bring the best products to consumers in Vietnam in particular and globally in general. The Honda Super Cub C125 digital motorcycle model is imported CBU from Thailand and is sold on the Vietnamese market through Honda Authorized Service and Vehicle Stores (HEAD) nationwide.

The standard version with 3 colors Blue White (light), Blue White (dark), Red and White will be officially sold at HEAD on October 25, 2021. Meanwhile, the Special Edition in Matte Black will be distributed through HEADs on December 27, 2021. When customers buy a car, they will enjoy a 3-year or 30,000 km warranty and 6 free periodic checks for the model. Refer to the suggested retail price of the new Honda Super Cub C125:


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