Tinder adds a feature to block users by phone number, avoiding “awkward” situations

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2021-06-07 04:42:58

Tinder has become one of the most popular online dating apps worldwide today with millions of regular users. However, this also entails privacy issues when someone does not want to “face” their acquaintance on an online dating application.

The good news for Tinder users is that such awkward issues will soon disappear. Tinder has officially launched a new extremely useful feature, which is to block contacts and other users based on that person’s phone number in the contact list. In other words, this feature makes it possible for you to avoid people like friends, co-workers, relatives, exes, and anyone else you might not want to see on a somewhat “sensitive” dating app. feel” like Tinder.

According to a survey conducted by Tinder himself, up to 40% of users have accidentally encountered an “ex” on the application, 24% have met a family member, and even 1 in 10 respondents even met their teachers on Tinder. Followed by awkward situations that can happen to both sides.

The new blocking contact feature can be accessed from the “Block Contacts” menu in Settings. You can upload your complete contacts to Tinder or manually add each contact. Tinder says it won’t store users’ contacts – only blocked contacts. Alternatively, you can also unblock or disconnect your contacts from Tinder at any time.

New contact blocking feature on Tinder

On the opposite side, blocked contacts will not be notified at all that they have been blocked by someone to ensure privacy. Note that this feature works entirely on the phone number you provide from your contacts. So, if the person you’re blocking doesn’t use the phone number you keep in your contacts to sign up for Tinder, blocking their phone number in the contacts list doesn’t work at all.

It’s not clear why Tinder took so long to launch such a useful feature, but hopefully users now won’t have to go through the “pain” of meeting acquaintances on this online dating platform. .


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