Tips to change text size on iPhone with different apps

Tips to change text size on iPhone with different apps


2021-07-19 02:23:06

(CHK) On iOS 15, users can change the font size on each application as you want.

For previous versions, if you wanted to change the font size, you had to change the entire interface of the device, but on the latest iOS 15 version, users can customize the size in each other application. together. More specifically, you can change the font size of Facebook to 120%, Instagram to 135% or just want to keep the default font size 100% on Facebook Messenger.

To be able to enable this feature, you access Settings > Control Center. Under the More Control section, find “Text Size” To add.


Now, when you access any application, you drag down the Control Center bar and select Text Size (with the icon “Aah“), and then adjust the font size you want for that application to different levels. Besides, users also have two more options to change for the entire system application or only change for the app you have open, such as the image below, you change only for the Twitter app.


Note that this feature is currently only available on some popular apps. Some other applications that are not supported may conflict and “crash app” when you customize the font size.

Perhaps we need more time for developers to fully optimize their applications on the new iOS 15 platform. Currently, Apple’s latest iOS version is still in beta, the official version. It is expected to be rolled out to end users in the fall of this year.


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