Tips to quickly close (Force Quit) suspended applications on Mac

Tips to quickly close (Force Quit) suspended applications on Mac


2022-03-26 05:02:16

(CHK) In this article, TechZ will show you how to quickly shut down (Force Quit) frozen and frozen applications on macOS.

In the process of using a Mac, it’s common to see application freezes and crashes. It may be because the application is not compatible with the operating system, the application has an error, the machine operates with high frequency leading to overheating, affecting the applications that are operating… In the previous post , TechZ has a guide for you to read how to turn off Force Quit application by application Activity Monitor and key combinations here. This article will give you a simpler operation while still ensuring effective shutdown of the application (Force Quit) on Mac.

You click on the logo Apple on the left corner of the screen > Click Force Quit. At this point, on the screen of your Mac device, a small window will appear showing running applications. You can select and tap Force Quit..


Alternatively, you can activate this window by pressing the key combination Command + Option + Escape

This way is quite easy to do and you can turn off frozen applications at any time, saving a lot of time compared to complicated operations on the application. Activity Monitor or other hard to remember keystrokes. Note that the Force Quit application process can take place quickly or slowly depending on the status of each of your devices, after Force Quit an application, you have to wait for a short time (~ 5 to 10 minutes) for the application to be completely shut down.

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