To make things more authentic, Fast & Furious 9 had to consult with scientists about the construction of space cars.

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2021-04-15 13:15:51

Fast & Furious 9 director Justin Lin consulted scientists to design the film’s space vehicle. When the series started in 2001, there were many opinions surrounding how Fast & Furious’s path would go in order to continue to attract the attention of the audience. It can be seen that, in the first films, Fast & Furious is like a simple series about racing and then has developed into a thrilling action movie, among the big box office. most in recent years. Fast & Furious 9, officially known as F9, has so far had problems on its way to the big screen (mostly delayed by the coronavirus epidemic) even though it’s a movie. very much to be expected, but the current plan is for the movie to hit theaters this June.

Franchise Fast & Furious has written the history of action movies for nearly two decades, with gross sales of more than 5 billion dollars. Since its debut in 2001, Fast & Furious has always attracted the attention of a large number of audiences around the world through 8 parts and 1 extra story with spectacular cinematic experiences. Alternating thrilling action, the car racing chase to suffocate are still deep messages about family feelings that make the audience feel emotional. Next May, all eyes will focus on the long-awaited super product – Fast & Furious 9: Legend of Speed ​​(original title: F9).

To get the audience’s attention, Universal has released a new trailer for Fast & Furious 9, and this trailer is also tacitly asserting what fans have long guessed – towards space. The idea of ​​Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his family venturing into space started as a joke many years ago, but over time it has become a serious one. Cast Ludacris and Michelle Rodriguez seem to have confirmed Fast & Furious 9 will include some space moments, and now the latest trailer has shown footage of Tej (Ludacris) and Roman (Tyrese Gibson). wear a homemade space suit.

To make things more authentic, Fast & Furious 9 had to consult with scientists about the construction of space cars - Photo 2.

Han’s flickering appearance in the first trailer of Fast & Furious 9: Legend of Speed ​​made the audience feverish and excited if this was a trick of a production crew when it was really just a moment. rewind the time when Han did not lose his life? But in this trailer, Han is healthy, intact, his skills are still as bad as ever. He even barely saved Letty and Mia from death. Han’s new hairstyle and look further confirm that the “resurrected” guy from the dead is real. The reason why Han still survived that terrible car explosion is still open, making fans even more excited.

While sharing the trailer with Thehollywoodreporter, Fast & Furious 9 director Justin Lin revealed Tej and Roman’s car design work. Despite what many might think about the franchise’s realism, Lin actually spoke with some experts to come up with a plan to make the F9’s space car as realistic as possible. “I talk on the phone with scientists, learn about fuels and physics.” “It’s great, when the scientists at the end of the line say, ‘Wait, what? What are you guys trying to do?’ I love that idea “. In the trailer, the car is equipped with boosters to create momentum to help the car fly.

To make things more authentic, Fast & Furious 9 had to consult with scientists about the construction of space cars - Photo 3.

Universal also released a second trailer last night (in Vietnam time), making fans fidgety by too many stunned details. It is the appearance of Jakob – a rival for the first time in Fast & Furious history but sharing the same bloodline with Dom (Vin Diesel), pushing him into a wicked situation when “a drop of blood digs more than a pond of water. “. The scene of two cars driven by Dom and Jakob, colliding like two lions trying to devour each other, caused the audience to question a big question about the Dom brotherhood.

Although Fast & Furious often does offer somewhat fictional scenes, in reality the requests behind the scenes are as close to reality as possible. While a space car isn’t new in the movies, audiences can watch Fast & Furious 9 with the understanding that some elements of the space car actually stem from research. real science research. There could be even more vehicles in space than in the movie.

To make things more authentic, Fast & Furious 9 had to consult with scientists about the construction of space cars - Photo 4.

Hollywood’s unique racing blockbuster promises to satisfy all senses, the craziest ideas will hit the top “Nothing is impossible!”. All fans of the series need to do is prepare to be ready to welcome the super storm that Fast & Furious 9: Legend of Speed ​​brings in May. In particular, Vietnamese audiences are extremely lucky to be in the countries that enjoyed the earliest blockbuster in the world. The official opening date at theaters in Vietnam is May 28, 2021, while the international fan community (Europe and America and many countries) will have to continue waiting.

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