Tokocrypto (TKO) price, marketcap, chart, and fundamentals info A complete overview of TKO cryptocurrency

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2021-03-31 02:22:12

If you have ever remembered the deal between Binance and Warix, Tokocrypto is also almost the same case. However, what is the difference of Tokocrypto that they have caught the eye of Binance. Please learn about the potential of Tokocrypto through the article below and get ready for the upcoming TKO launchpad on Binance!

Tokocrypto (TKO) price, marketcap, chart, and fundamentals info

Tokocrypto is one of the largest exchanges in Indonesia established in June 2017. During the period of operation, Tokocrypto has achieved many certain achievements, of which Tokocrypto has been officially approved by the Indonesian government to become a trusted trading platform in the Indonesian community.

Tokocrypto’s goal is to become a leading exchange in Southeast Asia, where no name really stands out but has a large community participating in the crypto market.

Highlights of Tokocrypto (TKO)

The most outstanding feature of Tokocrypto is perhaps the Tokocrypto 2.0 launch, since the launch of version 2.0, Tokocrypto has officially partnered with Binance – the largest crypto exchange today. Tokocrypto 2.0 will take advantage of top-notch technology, security and liquidity from Binance’s infrastructure system.

Tokocrypto’s ecosystem is not only encapsulated in an exchange (Exchange), in the ecosystem also has:

  • Tokonews: Platform that synthesizes information and analysis in the crypto market for readers.
  • Toko Launchpad: The platform helps to raise funds and distribute tokens of project developers, this is also the part that people like to participate the most with one time winning IEO means x accounts.
  • Inblocks: First annual blockchain development event with more than 30 speakers, 90 media and more than 50 major crypto market partners.
  • Premium Trading: This is a product exclusively for professional traders, supporting the best features and products for users.

Review some of Binance’s most successful IEOs

IEO launchpad always releases tokens with a very high ROI for IEO participants. You can see typically ALPHA, SAND and AXS. If you can win a ticket to buy, you can surely x20 the capital. That is only referring to the lowest possible cases.

Just now, do you still remember the ALICE token on Binance Launchpad? ATH ROI is x600 times, the current transaction price is x200 compared to the starting price, do you see the magic in crypto? So how much ROI do you think TKO will be?

If you expect that Tokocrypto’s capitalization will be on a par with Warix of about $ 200,000,000 million and the circulating supply is at 20% of the total supply, you can calculate a TKO price that can reach $ 1.85, equivalent to x18. However, in times of excitement in the market, it is entirely possible to achieve a higher ROI.

You are invited to discuss with the brothers who will participate in the IEO above Coin98 Insight Chat.

Image source: Coin98 Insights

Token Tokocrypto Information (TKO)

Key Metrics TKO

  • Token Name: Tokocrypto.
  • Ticker: TKO.
  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain.
  • Token Standard: BEP-20.
  • Contract: Updating …
  • Token Type: Utility.
  • Total Supply: 500,000,000 TKO.
  • Circulating Supply: 108,416,667 TKO.

Token Allocation

With a total supply of 500,000,000 TKO, tokens will be distributed as follows:

  • Foundation (20%): 100,000,000 TKO.
  • Product and Marketing (17%): 85,000,000 TKO.
  • Partnership and Ecosystem (17%): 85,000,000 TKO.
  • Team (15%): 75,000,000 TKO.
  • Binance Launchpad sale (15%): 75,000,000 TKO.
  • Community Airdrop (10%): 50,000,000 TKO.
  • Mining reward (3%): 15,000,000 TKO.
  • Advisor (2%): 10,000,000 TKO.
  • Private sale (1%): 5,000,000 TKO.

Token Sale

  • Private sale (completed): Distributed 5,000,000 TKO at $ 0.1 / TKO and raised $ 500,000.
  • Binance IEO Launchpad (coming from March 31 – April 7, 2021): Distributing 75,000,000 TKO for $ 0.1 / TKO and expected to raise $ 7,500,000.

Those who are holding BNB do not miss the opportunity to participate in the Binance IEO program. According to data from Coin98 Insights statistics, the ATH ROI of Binance Launchpad can be up to x100 times, most notably ALPHA, SAND and AXS. How many times do you predict TKO will x?

Token Release Schedule

According to the planner from Tokocrypto, TKO will be distributed 100% to the community around March 2026. As of after the successful implementation of Binance Launchpad, TKO’s initial total circulation will be 108,416,667 TKO equal to 21.67%.

Previously, TKO had two distributions to the community at 2 times:

  • 03/2021: Distributed 2,000,000 TKO to 47,000 users of Safepal wallet.
  • 08/2020: Distributing 2,386,377 TKO to 21,034 users through Tokocrypto’s referral program.

Token Use Case

TKO is a token belonging to the Tokocrypto exchange and will have the following functions:

  • Benefits on Tokocrypto: Discount transaction fees, be rewarded with airdrops, exchange tokens into rewards and many other benefits.
  • Participating in Cefi programs: TKO savings, TKO cashback.
  • Use on Defi platforms: Participate in providing liquidity, exploiting liquidity, lending, …
  • Participating in the NFT market: TKO will be the back-end token for the TKO NFT Arcade project and users can use TKO as the payment unit for NFT works.

Learn more about the NFT market as well as its mechanism of action and its highlights with the article: NFT Pandora – A Guide to NFT 2021

How to earn and own TKO Token

You can earn and own TKO by participating in Binance IEO Launchpad starting March 31, 2021. Or if you cannot join Launchpad, you can wait to buy tokens when you have been listed on the Binance or Tokocrypto exchanges.

TKO Token storage wallet

TKO token is BEP20 token, brothers can fully store TKO tokens on Coin98 Wallet. In addition, you can see more detailed instructions for you how to set up BEP20 wallet to be able to store any token on Binance Smart Chain, not just TKO here.

Roadmaps & Updates

Backed and backed by Binance – today’s most powerful exchange with strategic moves in the market. Therefore, Tokocrypto will also deploy smart strategies from Binance.

Currently on Tokocrypto’s website, you can see Tokocrypto launchpad, this is one of the open-sale platforms with tokens that always have outstanding growth and attract countless users to participate.

In addition, Tokocrypto also revealed in the Whitepaper about its plans for the Defi and NFT projects. These are two names that have caused fever in recent times with the cash flow has not shown signs of stopping.

Project team, investors, partners

Project team


According to information from Tokocrypto, Binance is not only the technology partner that provides the foundation for Tokocrypto. Binance is also a major investor in Tokocrypto with an undisclosed amount. In addition, Tokocrypto is also invested by QCP Capital, which is an investment fund that has invested in Casper Labs, Tidal Finance, Reef Finance and Cere Network.


In addition to the largest partner, Binance, Tokocrypto is also a partner of two platforms that provide information on market data, Coinmarketcap and CoinGecko.

Similar projects

Currently the most prominent similar projects on centralized exchanges are Binance, FTX or Huobi. These are all exchanges with large trading volume, prestige and many potential tokens that you should be interested in investing in.

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