Too much information, too little thinking, too much online will only cause trouble for yourself

Too much information, too little thinking, too much online will only cause trouble for yourself

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2021-09-13 21:20:46

Do you like surfing Facebook?

L like it so much. Every day I spend 1-2 hours just surfing Facebook.

However, I discovered that social media is scary. Seeing this person being promoted, the other getting a raise, his heart became worried and insecure.

When a person always wastes time worrying about other people’s business, it is very difficult to focus on his own business.

So, I tried locking Facebook for a month and I discovered a lot of surprises.

Don’t compare, you will get rid of the worries of life

In the Oscar-winning film “The neighbors’ window” tells a very good story.

The heroine is a housewife named Alli. Every day she is busy with housework, cooking, taking care of three small children, cleaning the house…

One day, Alli accidentally saw the couple in the house opposite through the window. They danced, sang, hugged and kissed, and many friends came to celebrate. Seeing that happy scene, Alli couldn’t help but admire and envy.


Looking back at my own scene, every day spinning with my 3 children, cleaning, cooking, doing all sorts of household chores until I can’t breathe.

No comparison will not hurt. The scene behind that window made Alli’s spirits worse.

Until one day, she saw the man in the opposite window with a shaved head lying on the bed, his face did not look very good. The wife’s face was sullen, even holding her face and crying in pain. The next day, two people came to carry a corpse and leave.

Alli felt confused, she went downstairs and met the other neighbor, unexpectedly she recognized Alli:

“You live in the opposite court, don’t you? Your three children are so cute! I often peek at your house, admiring the happy life there.”

As it turned out, the man in the opposite house had an incurable disease, because time was short, the couple always tried to live happily in the remaining short days.

It’s hard to imagine that my quiet, ordinary days turn into a life that others always admire.

One door, two families, two lives. In comparison, it’s like our friendship circle

Just through a photo on Facebook, a few fancy status sentences, outsiders will only see a life filled with happiness, but cannot see the hidden corner behind the photo.

The reality of life is like that, people always stubbornly compare themselves with others. Not looking for joy in his own life, always looking for pain in other people’s lives.

When you have a hard time getting promoted once, look at your friends and find out, people have become rich a long time ago.

On Valentine’s Day, you are given a lipstick by your husband. Open Facebook and discover that your friend has been given a car; When your child struggles to pass the subject, open Facebook to find out that the neighbor’s son has won a gold medal for a long time…

People always do not see those who are less than themselves, but only pay attention to those who are superior. The more you compare, the more painful it is, the more anxious you are.

Writer Leung Man-tao once said:

“Happiness comes from stopping comparing”.

Locking Facebook for a month, I discovered the implicit rule of relationships: Too much information, too little thinking, too much online only causes trouble for myself - Photo 2.


If you are always sad because you compare yourself to others every day, why not get off the Internet, don’t look, don’t think, live happily with your loved ones.

No need to flatter, why would it be better to live like this

A few days ago, Tieu An ran to me with a resentful expression, saying that she had just stopped Tieu My. It turned out that Tieu An had just posted a photo when Tieu My and commented that:

“You’re so ugly, who gave you the courage to take a picture?”

Even if it was just a joke, it made Tieu An blush and quit playing with Tieu My.

Social media is like a double-edged sword, there are times when it will hide scary things.

On Facebook, you’ll always notice how others see you; You always waste time in useless things, judging the other person’s personality.

Locking Facebook for a month, I discovered the implicit rule of relationships: Too much information, too little thinking, too much online only causes trouble for myself - Photo 3.


Commenting on photos of your friends, you have to spend a lot of time thinking about what to say to make people happy without hating you.

Moreover, Facebook friends are all kinds of people, not necessarily all friends. At first, it was only close friends, gradually adding family members, relatives, colleagues, customers… From being free to speak, naturally you have to be cautious about your words.

In the movie “Nagi’s Long Vacation”, the main character is a girl named Nagi who is extremely honest and kind.

Carefully observing the emotions of others is her daily mental state. Because in order to create a good relationship with colleagues, Nagi is willing to volunteer to be a “servant” for others.

In the selfie photo, even if she closed her eyes, she was not allowed to speak.

Every day, she has to go to social networks to drop likes for her friends, because she is afraid that others will speak badly of her, afraid of being shunned by everyone. Such a low-key life makes Nagi extremely tired.

In fact, true love is not in the like buttons or the heart drop. Relationships that do not stop flattery are just meaningless relationships and do not last long.

There is a very good saying that:

“Don’t chase a horse, spend your time chasing it to plant grass, wait until spring, there will be a herd of fat horses for you to choose.”

Instead of getting involved in unhealthy and uncomfortable relationships, it’s better to get out of that mess, giving yourself a free spiritual life.

Take the time to improve yourself, don’t force yourself to please others. As long as you become excellent, talented people will automatically come to you.

No need to force harmony with others, maintain your freedom

My teacher once told me something like this:

“The biggest problem of this era is that too much information, too little thinking, too much online is only causing trouble for themselves.”

A poor quality team is not equal to a high quality individual. Therefore, learn to live independently and cultivate your own independence.

In this world, the circle doesn’t need to be big, it just needs to be enough. Friends don’t need many, just a quality friend is enough.

In the book “The crowd” it says:

“When people enter the collective, their IQ will be reduced. In order to gain the recognition of others, people are willing to ignore right and wrong and trade their IQ to gain a sense of security belonging to themselves. “.

The meaning of living independently is, not because of the so-called “collective” thing that wastes time on other people’s lives.

Locking Facebook for a month, I discovered the implicit rule of relationships: Too much information, too little thinking, too much online only causes trouble for myself - Photo 4.


People need to gradually get used to silence and quiet.

Only when you read a book can you concentrate on listening to what other people have to say. Or only when you write, you have the opportunity to listen to what your inner self wants.

If you can stay in that state of mind, I encourage you to become an independent person. It’s not loneliness, it’s a kind of maturity.

A real good friend is not in your Facebook friends list, but in your heart, in your daily life.

Return to everyday life, pay more attention to the people around, quietly watch the flowers bloom and sip a cup of fragrant tea every day.

Happy life is probably just such small things!

(Abridged translation from toutiao, at the same time expressing the author’s own opinion)

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