Top 1 application in Vietnam chart officially recommended by Free Fire to gamers

Top 1 application in Vietnam chart officially recommended by Free Fire to gamers

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2022-01-25 21:03:23

Not only occupying the number 1 position in the chart for many consecutive weeks, OnMic is also personally recommended by the publisher of the game Free Fire to gamers on official media channels. Is OnMic really becoming a new social networking trend in Vietnam?

OnMic (also known as OnMic audio social network) was developed by OnMic International Private Limited (Singapore) with the goal of creating a voice social network platform for users all over the world, especially gamers. . Currently this application is being operated in more than 30 countries and is supported on many different language platforms. The OnMic application focuses on building two key features: Chat rooms and Clubs.

Chat rooms allow users to create rooms in public or private mode, through voice and text chat to exchange, play games, make friends. The Club with voice channels, text channels and group chat channels, allows users to connect with friends with similar interests, and build a community of shared passions. In general, these basic features are easy to find in many other social networking applications, so what makes OnMic so superior, officially recommended by Free Fire, warmly received by Vietnamese users Nam and even rose to the top of the Social Network and Free Apps chart in December?

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Highlights of the OnMic . app

Easily join thousands of chat rooms: There are no requirements when you want to join a chat room, users just need to choose a room with a title that they are interested in to enter the room and join the fun. If you want to meet new people, just create a room and wait a few seconds to meet people with similar interests. This is considered a plus point of OnMic when it helps users avoid having to wait a long time in random match mode in games or waiting for hours for people to interact on similar social networks. In other words, every interaction on OnMic is instantaneous, providing a completely different experience for users.

Multi-platform support: OnMic not only takes care of the Mobile version, but also develops on the Web, PC and even integrates in the emulator. Therefore, no matter what game you play, whatever device you use, you can use OnMic easily.

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Owning a stable line, clear sound: The OnMic developer must have invested a lot in the broadband transmission system, so the server is always stable and the communication between members in the room is always clear. and instantaneous. Moreover, OnMic integrates the volume control of its own mic and that of your friends right in the chat bubble, allowing the Game to increase or decrease the volume without alt-tab about the application. This is indeed a big plus point of OnMic when it has realized the dream of a “3 no” voice chat application – “no jerky, no lag, no alt-tab” of Gamers, especially for games. does not support voice chat like Among us, Roblox, Play Together,…

Values ​​exclusive to OnMic . users

Club system with many tournaments: OnMic has been continuously organizing many different tournaments for many different games, in order to create a regular playground for users. Although the tournaments have a small budget, but with the frequency of being held continuously and regularly, OnMic is really an exciting playground for those who like to rub, exchange and improve their game playing skills and receive prizes.

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Update the latest programs of OnMic:

– The Free Fire Legion tournament among Youtubers takes place from January 17 to January 27, 2022.

– Invite friends to join OnMic, receive gifts immediately, taking place from January 20-25, 2022.

– Build your own Club, receive phone scratch cards, and have the opportunity to receive a green tick and get on the OnMic Recommendation Page.

– Daily 19:00 Custom Tournament to receive Garena card.

Thanks to its ease of use, simple operation and many user-friendly activities, OnMic is receiving a lot of favor from the Gaming world. The official Facebook page of today’s top game – Free Fire – calls OnMic “Gamers’ new companion”. A series of Youtubers, Tiktoker Gaming also bustlingly opened chat rooms on OnMic, including many familiar names such as BLV Hoang Son AOV, Rikaki Gaming, JayGrayVN, VinhMc, Thang Te Te, Tuyen Xu, Hung Akira, Ender Dragon VN , RGFF NTN, … This lineup also shows how strong the coverage of OnMic is.

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Although the development time in the Vietnamese market is not long and there are still a few points to improve, but with what is being done, OnMic promises to become one of the notable names on the application charts in Vietnam. Vietnam.

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