Top 10 apps that consume the most mobile data

Top 10 apps that consume the most mobile data

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2022-12-08 10:49:43

Along with the rapid development of smartphones and the internet, software developers have also built various applications that attract users to use. However, the reality shows that some applications are consuming too much mobile data.

Therefore, the frequent use of applications and services that require data will certainly consume a lot of money of users. According to, the average American spends nearly $100 per month and about $1,166 per year on streaming subscriptions and internet packages.

Smartphone apps consume data in different ways. While video platforms like TikTok consume data primarily through video downloads, social media apps like Instagram and Facebook consume data from engaging users to upload their content. they up with high quality. Most common is the fact that many applications consume data when running in the background.

1. Instagram

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Over the years, Instagram has continuously improved and added many new features on the platform, notably Instagram Stories, Instagram Reels and many photo editing filters as well as application integration with third parties. This means that Instagram’s data consumption has certainly increased.

Spending an hour a day browsing Instagram content for a week is estimated to consume up to 4.2 GB of mobile data. The application will consume more data if the user uploads content, averaging about 2MB per photo and more for video.

Instagram users have the option to limit data usage by stopping video preloading, viewing only high-resolution images and videos over Wi-Fi, or uploading posts in low quality. However, all of this comes at the expense of a less smooth experience.

2. TikTok

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Tiktok is growing strongly at an extremely fast rate with the short video model. There are now over 1 billion monthly active TikTok users, surpassing Tiktok’s original target by 2025.

Similar to Instagram, TikTok also offers a series of features that attract users to upload videos regularly. The platform is currently at the top of the ranking of social media apps that consume mobile data.

According to statistics, an hour of surfing TikTok consumes about 840 MB of data. Thus, in a week, TikTok alone used up 10 GB of data. Users who upload videos frequently have to use even more mobile data.

3. YouTube

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Youtube currently serves more than 2 billion monthly active users, with up to 500 hours of video being uploaded every minute.

However, according to Android Authority, a test on mobile data usage for YouTube has confirmed that the platform consumes up to 2.7 GB for every 60 minutes of video viewing at 720p (HD) resolution and speed. high bit rate. This data consumption increases to 23GB per hour at 2160p (4K) resolution, and even at quality as low as 144p the app still uses over 1MB per minute of video viewing.

4. Netflix

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Also a video streaming platform like Youtube, however, Netflix specializes in long-form content including movies and series, and even offers video games to users. As of Q3 2022, Netflix recorded over 220 million paid subscribers worldwide.

Netflix, compared to YouTube, also requires more mobile data usage. At standard definition, videos on Netflix were consuming up to 1 GB per hour. When increasing the video playback quality to Full HD or 4K, the hourly data consumption accordingly also increases to 3 GB or 7 GB.

5. Google Chrome

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The Chrome browser uses a lot of data to access the internet, be it to browse web pages, read documents, view images or videos. Depending on the web page visited or the task running, Chrome will consume different amounts of mobile data per unit of work time. The browser will also use the data to track browsing history, recommend articles in the Chrome feed, and run in the background to keep browser tabs open. Users can reduce Chrome’s data consumption through the “Data Saver” setting on the Chrome app. Of course this can affect the speed and smoothness of the browser, but it will save mobile data in the long run.

6. Snapchat

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Launched in 2011, a year after Instagram, Snapchat has seen significant growth in its annual user base and currently has around 363 million daily active users of the platform.

However, using the features provided by the application also requires several megabytes of data. Notably, Snapchat works in the background by default to preload Snaps and Stories. All of this can drive Snapchat’s mobile data consumption up to 20GB per month.

To manage data, users can also use the “Data Saver” provided by Snapchat to disable preloading.

7. Facebook

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Recognized as the leading social networking app, as of Q3 2022, Facebook has nearly 3 billion monthly active users, making it the most used social media platform worldwide. .

Facebook has introduced a series of improvements over the past few years, including the interface for a smoother experience, Facebook Stories, Facebook Rooms. Similar to Instagram, Facebook also allows high-resolution uploads, and offers autoplay and preloading. Accompanied by attractive features, Facebook’s mobile data consumption is sure to increase as well. However, this can be managed through configuring Facebook data settings.

8. Spotify

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If YouTube dominates the video content space, Spotify is at the pinnacle of music streaming. Spotify offers both free and paid services, attracting 456 million users and 195 million paid subscribers.

Since its founding in 2006, Spotify has worked to improve the features on its platform. From the interface of the app to the sound quality, to the integration with the car audio system, users can listen to music whenever and however they want. But in terms of data consumption, Spotify has a similar problem with video streaming platforms like YouTube and Netflix.

The amount of mobile data consumed when streaming music depends on the quality of the music. Listening at normal quality (96kbps) consumes 40MB per hour and this increases to 70MB per hour for high quality (160kbps) and 150MB per hour for ultra high quality (320kbps).

However, with Spotify Premium plans, users can save on mobile data by downloading and listening to music offline.

9. Twitter

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With nearly 400 million users globally and over 500 million tweets posted every day, Twitter is currently one of the most popular social media platforms for news, trends, entertainment and politics.

With a limit of 280 characters per tweet, Twitter aims for users to share information without consuming too many resources. However, the platform still records high data consumption.

The proliferation of image and video support features on Twitter is one of the main “culprits”. In addition, the “blue bird” social network also has a default autoplay setting, which helps images and videos load quickly, regardless of their quality or resolution.

Users can turn off autoplay, not watch high quality videos, or just watch high quality videos over Wi-Fi to optimize mobile data usage.

10. WhatsApp

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WhatsApp is currently used by more than 2 billion people worldwide every month, making it one of the most popular smartphone apps overall.

WhatsApp advertises itself as a low data platform and this is true in some respects. Text messages and voice notes on WhatsApp consume only a few kilobytes, and even audio calls use less than 1MB per minute. In addition, this application also uses a compression algorithm to reduce the quality and size of images and videos or even status updates.

However, in other respects, video calls on WhatsApp are estimated to take up 5MB per minute when using 4G and 3.75MB per minute when using 3G. Also, while a single photo, video, or status update might not consume too much data, viewing several of your friends’ pictures, videos and status updates for hours, or downloading yourself your data up, can quickly use up your mobile data.

Users can enable “Low Data Mode” setting to save mobile data. However, the ability to store messages, images and videos will be limited in this mode.

Settings to reduce data consumption

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In addition to the mobile data optimization settings in each app, today’s smartphones also offer extensive settings to help manage data consumption effectively.

On the iPhone, users can find a “Low Data Mode” setting that prevents background apps from using a lot of data, turns off automatic downloads, and pauses app updates and Apple’s native services.

In the “Network & Internet” (or similar) option in the settings on Android devices, users can turn off automatic data roaming and syncing, receive data usage warnings, and automatically turn off data. cellular data when the limit is reached.

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