Top 10 occupations that are never afraid of unemployment

Top 10 occupations that are never afraid of unemployment

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2021-08-02 03:59:31

Below is a summary of the hottest and most promising professions in both Vietnam and countries around the world, please refer.

1. International Trade Industry

Vietnam has joined international trade organizations, so more and more international businesses come to Vietnam to invest and develop. Therefore, the demand for human resources for the international trade industry is increasing.

2. Communication – Marketing industry

Regardless of the field, businesses need to introduce products and services to customers. Therefore, the communication and marketing industry is extremely necessary, especially when the level of competition between domestic and foreign businesses is increasing.

3. Information Technology – Programming – Software Industry

With the development of the Internet, the demand for jobs related to information technology, programming, and software has always increased sharply. Currently, Vietnamese technology companies are developing very strongly and the demand for human resources for the future is huge.

4. Beauty, cosmetology, health service industry

Beauty, aesthetics, health… are gradually becoming essential needs of most people in Vietnam and the world. Therefore, the demand for human resources in this field is huge.

5. Restaurant, hotel and tourism service industry

The living conditions of Vietnamese people are increasingly improved and along with that, the demand for relaxation, enjoyment and tourism will increase. In addition, Vietnam is an interesting destination chosen by many international tourists. Therefore, the restaurant, hotel and tourism service industry will have the opportunity to grow even bigger in the next few years.

6. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Industry

Currently, there are not many AI schools and there are very few human resources with knowledge of this field. Therefore, talented individuals in the field of artificial intelligence “AI” are always sought after by technology companies.

7. Automotive Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

Automotive and mechanical engineering

The demand of Vietnamese and international businesses for highly qualified engineers in the field of automobile and mechanical engineering has never ceased to be hot. Especially when the map of the auto industry in the world has recorded Vietnam’s name since Vingroup invested in building a factory and launched the Vinfast automobile brand.

8. New technology, new materials, new energy

The earth and human habitat are increasingly polluted and severely damaged. Therefore, the demand for new environmentally friendly materials is increasing, not only in Vietnam and around the world. Therefore, the new technology, new materials, and new energy industries tend to develop strongly.

9. Graphic design, fashion, architecture industry

In addition to good quality, beautiful product design is also the need of most businesses with all fields. Therefore, majors related to graphic design, fashion design, architecture, etc. are always of interest in Vietnam and the world.

10. Business Administration, Economics

To operate effectively, any business needs an administration and management apparatus. Therefore, well-trained personnel in business administration and economics are always sought by companies. However, to be able to find the right job in this field, students should add more knowledge about marketing and business.

In addition to the above majors, there are many other majors that are easy to apply for and have opportunities for career development in the future. To be able to get a good job in the future, in addition to equipping with professional knowledge, you should hone and add a second foreign language such as English or Korean, … and work skills. group, independent… more.


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