Top 3 unit conversion apps for Android

Top 3 unit conversion apps for Android


2021-03-26 16:46:44

Differences in metrics and measurement systems between countries, regions and regions around the world make it difficult for us to sometimes face a strange, rarely used unit of measurement. . For example, Vietnamese people often use Kg as the common daily measure of weight, while Americans have a habit of using Lbs (Pounds) as a unit of weight.

At such times, having to tinker with information and then perform manual conversion calculations will take a lot of time. Here are the top 3 measurement conversion apps for Android that you can use to quickly solve the situation you are facing.

Unit Converter Pro sounds like a paid app (because there’s a Pro) in the name, but in fact, it’s a free and very popular unit converter with over 1 million. downloads.

One big plus of Unit Converter Pro is that it doesn’t contain any ads or in-app purchase options. Unit Converter Pro supports converting more than 1500 units, arranged in 80 different categories. The user interface is quite simple, the exchange rate is updated daily, etc. are also great advantages to mention on this application.

Unit Converter Pro’s main units of measure are divided into Angle, Area, Currency, Data Storage, Data Transfer, and Length ( Length, Density, Energy, Flow, Force, Fuel Efficiency, Mass, Pressure, Fuel Fuel, Length, Number, Power, Sound, Temperature, Time, Speed, Velocity volume) and many other categories. The app also allows you to add your own defined units and categories. It also allows conversion to imperial and metric. Unit Converter Pro app supports expression input (for example, (4 + 3) * 50/3).

Unit Converter Ultimate is another reliable unit conversion app available on the Google Play Store. This app provides an extremely minimalistic user interface that is easy to use, and can handle any unit conversion requests that the user makes. In particular, Unit Converter Ultimate also contains no ads – this is obviously a commendable plus.

Unit Converter Ultimate

Unit Converter Ultimate supports conversion units such as currency, temperature, length, volume, weight, speed, area, cooking, pressure, power, energy, time, fuel and digital storage (bits, bytes, kilobytes, etc.). Some of the app’s other nifty features include pressing and holding the converted value to copy it to the clipboard. This makes it easy to share conversion results when needed. The quick swap floating button will allow you to reverse the selected units, making switching between units super fast.

Convert Units Plus is another free unit conversion app that lets you convert almost any metric with great ease. Although Convert Units Plus has not received any new updates since 2018, it seems that users are still quite satisfied with the comprehensiveness of the app.

Convert Units Plus

Convert Units Plus owns more than 100,000 installs and is very light in weight, minimalistic user interface, but still full of information and eye-catching colors. The application supports converting all common metrics such as Metric, Weight, Length, Area, Fuel, Miles, Power, Time, Pressure, Speed, Temperature, Volume and Data …

Moreover, Convert Units Plus also supports converting all popular currencies in the world, updated every 15 minutes. This feature makes Convert Units Plus an extremely useful currency converter for people working in the currency or traveling regularly.


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