Top 4 best fast charging options for iPhone 12

Top 4 best fast charging options for iPhone 12

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2021-07-28 00:50:28

(CHK) Since iPhone 12 onwards, Apple has no longer equipped the charger inside the box, so users have to use the old charger or buy it outside.

Not only iPhone 12, all iPhones still sold by Apple since October 2020 have cut the charger in the box. If using an old charger, the charging speed may not be as fast. This is really annoying for users. The options below will help you easily solve the charging problem for your iPhone.

Apple iPhone 20W Type-C (890 thousand VND)

The fastest and most secure option when buying an iPhone charger is genuine Apple products. Genuine Apple iPhone 20W Type-C PD Fast Charger supports up to 20W of power to help fill iPhone batteries quickly and without taking too much time. Not only supports iPhone 12, but iPhone models from XR and above can fast charge with this charger.

Anker Powerport III Nano 20W Type-C (VND 360 thousand)

Anker Powerport III Nano 20W fast charger has a compact design that is quite similar to the previous classic iPhone charger. It is compatible with iPhone 12 and most other iPhone models that support fast charging. In addition, it is also compatible with other smartphone brands such as Xiaomi, Realme or Oppo.

Baseus Super Si Quick Charge (VND 329 thousand)

Baseus Super Si Quick Charge 1C 20W EU uses Super Si semiconductor technology to support Apple’s Power Delivery charging standard and Quick Charge 3.0 of Android Smartphones with a maximum capacity of up to 20W. There is a chip inside that helps to adjust the power supply to each type of machine.

With iPhone 12 and iPad 2020 and later, charging will reach a maximum capacity of 20w and can fill up to 50% of the battery in just 30 minutes and 100% in about an hour. With the iPhone 11, X, XR, XS and 8 models, the charger will adjust to 18W and can also fill the battery in around an hour.

Anker PowerPort PD+2, 33w (VND 490 thousand)

If you have not only an iPhone but also an iPad and other Android smartphone, the Anker PowerPort PD+2, 33w will offer the ability to charge a variety of devices with both Apple’s PD fast charging standard and PowerIQ supporting Android smartphones.


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