Top 5 best cheap Chinese air-conditioning fans today

Top 5 best cheap Chinese air-conditioning fans today

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2021-04-13 22:39:15

Chinese air-conditioning fans not only possess diverse designs and designs, but also have a fairly competitive price. Therefore, the need to find and buy Chinese air-conditioning fan always on the rise. In this article, we will introduce to you the top 5 best cheap Chinese cooler today for your reference.

Top 5 cheap Chinese coolers

China Air Fan Kachi MK202 75W

The Kachi MK202 75W is a Chinese air-conditioning fan that many families choose to use today. The product possesses a modern design, compact but extremely solid, helping to cool quickly and effectively.

The shell of this machine is made from high-quality ABS and PP plastic materials that are both durable, increasing the aesthetics and making cleaning more convenient. The product operates with a capacity of 75W, just like a conventional electric fan, so it does not consume much power.

The product has a 4-liter capacity tank along with a modern cooling cycle, which can reduce the cooling air by up to 4 to 5 degrees Celsius. In addition, this device can also create cold. Deeper thanks to 2 dry ice gels included.

The Kachi MK202 75W cooler is also equipped with 4 wheels to help you move it easily and conveniently.

The reference selling price of the product is 1,450,000 VND and is warranted for 12 months.

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Kachi ESC12 air cooler 20PC

When it comes to cheap Chinese air-conditioning fans, surely there will be an indispensable name Kachi ESC12 20PC. This is one of the most widely used Chinese air fresheners today.

Kachi ESC12 20PC uses steam for cooling (no misting) so it won’t make you too cold like a conventional air conditioner. It gives off a cool breeze with a cool, comfortable temperature so you always have the most comfortable feeling. In particular, the machine operates with a capacity of 120W, so it saves electricity quite effectively.

The machine is equipped with 3 different wind speeds for you to choose from according to your needs. In addition to the excellent cooling function, the Chinese Kachi ESC12 20PC fan also has the ability to generate healthy negative ions, along with a timer mode, sleep mode to help quiet the room. .

In addition, with the function of moisturizing the skin, when using the Kachi ESC12 20PC, you will not be dry or feel uncomfortable like when using some other cooling device.

The air outlet of the machine can be reversed, so it will let the cool air radiate out in 4 directions quickly.

The reference selling price of this device is 2.050.000 VND.

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China Midea AC100-18B Air Conditioner Fan

China’s Media brand is certainly no stranger to many Vietnamese consumers, right? Below, we will introduce to you the product Midea AC100-18B – this is a cheap, quality air conditioner fan of Media brand and is currently used by many families.

The Chinese Midea AC100-18B air-conditioning fan is capable of effectively cooling in either closed or open spaces, and is suitable for areas with an area of ​​10 – 15m.2 ^ {}.

Midea AC100-18B fan operating with a capacity of 60W will extremely save electricity even when you use the fan for a long time continuously.

The fan supports 3 wind speeds from low, medium to high, accompanied by a wind reversal mode, a left-right wind reversal mode to bring cool air to more positions, making you more comfortable. in use.

The reference selling price of this product is 1,450,000 VND.

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Midea AC200-17JR air cooler

Midea AC200-17JR is one of the most trusted cheap and quality Chinese air-conditioning fans today.

The product is suitable for home, office, shop with an area of ​​25 – 30m2 ^ {}.

Midea AC200-17JR is equipped with 2 dry ice boxes. This is a chemical ice, when you want to cool it, put the dry ice box in the freezer compartment (this ice can be reused), then put in the fan’s water tank, the dry ice will be used for cooling. water makes the radiant steam cooler.

Midea AC200-17JR fan product also comes with remote control with clear function buttons, helping users to easily adjust speed, timer setting, and reverse wind mode.

The machine has a flexible shut-off timer function with many different appointment time levels. After setting the timer, the machine will automatically run and disconnect the machine when it is time to schedule. In addition, the water tank has a water level display scale that makes it easy for users to monitor the amount of water in the tank to fill it in time.

The reference price of this product is 4,450,000 VND and is warranted for 12 months.

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Midea AC200-17JR air cooler

Sunhouse SHD7746 air cooler

Sunhouse SHD7746 is an air cooler under Sunhouse brand – Vietnam, manufactured in China, and is used by many families today.

The product has a luxurious and modern design, suitable for spaces with an area of ​​50m2 ^ {}.

The product has a continuous reverse mode, so it is possible to expand the cooling range. This is very convenient for large spaces such as cafes, shops, factories.

Sunhouse SHD7746 air cooler also has remote control, operating range within 10m. In addition, the product also has wheels so it is easy to move.

In addition, Sunhouse SHD7746 also incorporates a timer function up to 4 hours. You will not worry about forgetting to turn off the fan when going out and wasting power.

The reference price of this product is 5,850,000 VND and is warranted for 12 months.

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Sunhouse SHD7746 air cooler

Above are the top 5 best cheap Chinese air-conditioning fans today for your reference. Hopefully with these sharing from us, you will soon find the quality Chinese air-conditioning fan that best suits your needs.

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