Top 5 best Free Fire characters for solo mode

Top 5 best Free Fire characters for solo mode

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2021-09-21 15:52:16

Earning Booyah in Free Fire’s solo mode is not easy. It requires gamers to focus and achieve the highest accuracy and skill and survive longer than all the rest of the opponents.

Surviving for the duration of a match against nearly 100 enemies is a necessary task for every Free Fire gamer. And players want to achieve that often, they can also use the help of different character abilities in Free Fire. Here are the top 5 best characters for ranked solo mode.

Top 5 best skills in Solo Free Fire mode

Super Gunner – Laura

Accuracy is quite important in Free Fire as this is the factor that helps you loot many lives without much effort. Users can rely on Laura’s Super Gunner skill to accurately support and deliver deadly blows to enemies.

At base level, Super Gunner increases range accuracy by 10%, while it increases it to 35% at top level.

Bullet Beats – D-Bee’s

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The narrow circle in Free Fire forces players to run continuously. We need to move often with enemies lurking around.

D-Bee’s skill is Bullet Beats, which grants 5% bonus movement speed and 10% accuracy at base level. Meanwhile movement speed increased by 15% at the highest level, while accuracy improved by 35%.

DJ Alok . – DJ Alok

best free fire skills solo mode

Melody of Life creates an aura within 5 meters that increases movement and sprint speed by 10% and restores 5 HP per second for 5 seconds. At the highest level, this increases to 15% for sprint speed and HP is restored in 10 seconds.

The Dead Silence – Rafael

best free fire skill solo

Keeping silent and moving is one of the wisest ways to evade enemies and make eliminations easy. But if you want to combine this with attack, you can use Rafael’s ability to do this, especially in Solo mode.

Those using this skill will experience a silence effect when firing long-range rifles or shotguns. Enemies hit by bullets will lose HP 20% faster. This number increases to 45% when the skill reaches its highest level.

Skyler – Skyler

best free fire skill solo

When using the skill, Skyler will fire a wave of palms that destroy 5 Ice Walls within a distance of 20m. The active ability of Destruction of Ice has a cooldown of 65 seconds.

In addition, it also has a passive ability to heal Skyler every time Skyler destroys a gloo wall within 50 meters, initial level is 2HP. This skill can max to 100 meters and 9 HP.

With both passive and active skills for both defense and attack, Skyler players have the ability to pull and surprise opponents.

Above are the best skills for Solo mode in Free Fire, choose the skill that suits your playing style. It will help you climb to the top faster and easier.

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