Top 6 best quality copyrighted movie viewing services

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2021-05-21 02:48:40

Watching copyrighted movies is always the choice of many people. Instead of watching “piracy” movies, many people now choose the services of watching copyrighted movies because you will enjoy many attractive incentives such as high quality movies, not too many ads or banner commercials in the middle of the movie, always quickly follow the new details of the movies or the latest movies. Although copyrighted movie viewing services are still not really diverse in our country, you can choose from 6 popular and quality copyrighted movie viewing platforms in the article below.


This is a copyrighted movie viewing service of Viet Film Studio Co., Ltd. with 2 options: free package and monthly movie rental package or each movie with different prices from only 12,000 VND / movie depending on each type. In particular, the movies on Danet are in sharp HD quality, including free movies. The films at Danet are all copyrighted, with many genres such as European-American and Asian movies from the world’s leading studios, Vietnamese movies, foreign & Vietnamese dramas and TV shows. realistic figure.


Fim+ has exclusive rights to many attractive domestic and foreign films, including both series and stand-alone films. Dramas are also shown in parallel with the country of release. The Fim+ service also has many movies of various genres, but the website does not deploy TV shows or TV shows.

The Paid Movies section also has relatively few movies and not many attractive movies, the update speed is relatively slow, so this is also a limitation of the website. The movie rental price is also relatively cheap, 37,500-50,000 VND/month with package movies (paid monthly or annually); 19-50,000 VND / 48 hour rental movie with hot movies.


3. ClipTV

Clip TV is a cross-platform Internet TV service from Web, mobile web, mobile app, TV app and TV Box. Clip TV provides a repository of attractive and engaging entertainment content of television, movies, comedy videos, sports, TV Shows, etc. and all are copyrighted. The site provides viewers with more than 3,000 hours and 37 groups of diverse content. In addition, you can also watch TV channels on Clip TV with more than 100 channels, such as watching VTV6 online, watching VTV1 online,…

ClipTV’s monthly plan, priced at VND 50,000, will allow users to log in on 4 different devices.


4. iflix

A special feature of iflix is ​​that there is a version for countries where iflix deploys a service movie package. iflix doesn’t have many Vietnamese movies, most of which are foreign movies, but you can follow through the Vietnamese subtitles of the movie depending on the movie that the service provides.

The service does not provide an option to adjust the quality of the movie, so this can also be considered a limitation of the website. Movies on iflix are priced at 45,000 – 59,000 VND/month (paid monthly or annually).


5. Netflix

Netflix is ​​certainly very familiar to viewers of copyrighted movies when the service contains a wide variety of shows of different genres. The movies are invested in quality, sound and image to match the amount of money each customer spends. In particular, there have been many new movies released on Netflix, creating an even more attractive entertainment space for viewers.

However, currently Netflix does not have Vietnamese subtitles, so it affects viewers. Netflix has a subscription fee of 80,000 – 260,000 VND/month (3 packages Basic, Standard and Premium).


HBO Go is also a familiar name in Vietnam and has been launched on the FPT Play platform since July 2019. HBO GO also brings viewers many attractive movies, which can be viewed on many different devices, from TVs, phones, iPads, … without having to rely too much on television like HBO. Currently, the HBO GO package purchased independently is 79,000 VND/month, or 50,000 VND/month to buy the HBO GO Combo package and other FPT Play content packages.



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