Top 6 Trusted, Safe, and Secure Bitcoin Cash Wallet 2020

Top 6 Trusted, Safe, and Secure Bitcoin Cash Wallet 2020


2021-03-23 04:39:30

Today, CHK will point out 6 wallets that store Bitcoin Cash best that Vietnamese people use to store. Criteria are evaluated based on the following standards: Safety, Security, Ease of Use, Long-standing Prestige Company, …

Top 6 best Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallets

1. Ledger Nano S

Always the first choice if you have a Ledger Nano S cold wallet and want to store your coins for a long time on it. Ledger Nano S has shown absolute safety over the years and has been rated by the international community as an affordable quality product for storing Bitcoin Cash in particular and other coins in general.

ledger nano s cold wallet

With the latest update, Ledger has supported up to 1100 coin so that holders can easily use the HOLD TO DIE strategy. And if you want to buy Ledger Nano S, you can contact us directly via Fanpage CHK Please

2. Trezor

In addition to the ledger cold wallet, the trezor cold wallet is also one of the best products for long-term storage, With extremely high security and can store up to 10 coins, Trezor is also the leading product to accumulate BCHABC.

Trezor Cold Wallet
Trezor Cold Wallet

3. Blockchain Wallet

Logo of - a symbol of the Bitcoin ecosystem in particular and cryptocurrencies in general
Logo of – a symbol of the Bitcoin ecosystem in particular and cryptocurrencies in general

If you cannot afford a cold wallet, Blockchain wallet will help you. Previously, CHK stored BTC ETH and BCH on the Blockchain wallet and felt it was very safe and secure according to general criteria, and is still the top digital choice if you like to use wallets on the web or on mobile. You can see the detailed instructions by following the link below. Currently, Blockchain Wallet supports more Stellar, and you can receive BSV if you store your BCH before the time of hard fork.

4. JAXX wallet

Like Blockchain wallet, jaxx wallet was born very early, and I also have a long experience with jaxx wallet. First of all, it can be said that JAXX is very convenient and simple to use, at first it was difficult to store trash coins because there were few wallets that supported as many coins as jaxx wallets, and only had to store it on the floor, but if you crash, you see your mother. Currently, Jaxx releases JAXX Liberty which is an upgrade from the old version of Jaxx Classic, which supports more coins, is safer, faster, and is free of charge, so you can safely store it. Jaxx also has a desktop version and a mobile app.

Download Jaxx wallet to your computer.  Photo 2
Download Jaxx wallet to your computer. Photo 2

Download Jaxx Wallet

5. Exodus wallet

Exodus is a software wallet like Electrum, but nicer and more intuitive to use. It offers similar benefits for security but looks very different. A desktop wallet just turns your digital currency, Bitcoin and more, into a portfolio with charts and charts. You can exchange coins through apps with ShapeShift exchange integration in addition to storage (meaning you can exchange from bitcoins to other cryptocurrencies via ShapeShift built into the Exodus wallet)

Exodus wallet
Exodus wallet

There is no account setup, so your money and wallet are just for you. Be careful with that computer and do not let the computer be infected with viruses! Exodus includes private key encryption and other useful security tools that will help make your account more secure as well. Thanks to its portfolio and graphical views, it’s great for any need for desktop storage.

Download Exodus Wallet

6. Bitcoin Cash Wallet BTC.COM – Wallet on Web and Mobile is a popular and famous website in the crypto currency world. If you intend to store BCH, use it via the web, and do not need to view the private key, just like a blockchain wallet, wallet is also a good choice.


So, CHK Introduced to you safe wallets for storing BCHABC. There are also many other wallets supporting BCH such as: Electrum, Coinbase,… You can search for these wallets in the CHK section easily. About safety and security: Security and safety is up to you, sometimes the danger it comes from many things, basically the above services are safe, but you should also be very careful With strange links, crack software, because if your computer or phone is infected with viruses, install crack software, you will be hacked email, hacked account, … And your money will be lost. So raise your awareness if you intend to enter this cryptocurrency market.

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