Top 7 EOS wallets for safety, trust and security in 2020

Top 7 EOS wallets for safety, trust and security in 2020


2021-03-23 02:30:32

Which EOS wallets are safe and can be stored for a long time? Before going into the main content, let’s go through the EOS price on Coinmarketcap.

Top 15 cryptocurrencies

EOS is the 4th largest cryptocurrency on the chart Coinmarketcap at the time I am writing this article.

With a lot Dapps deployed on the EOS platform, it promises to remain a strong coin now and in the future.

We will introduce separately in another article in detail about the practical uses of this EOS coin

In this article, we will introduce the Top 7 best EOS wallets voted for this year, but first of all, we should also briefly introduce those who want to know about EOS.

EOS.IO, created by a software programmer, Dan Larimer (who also created Steem and Bitshares) introduced a new blockchain architecture designed to allow vertical and horizontal scaling of applications. Decentralized (dApp). This is achieved by creating an operating system on which the application can be built.

The software provides account, authentication, databases, asynchronous communication, and scheduling for applications across multiple cores or CPU clusters.

EOS was previously part of the Ethereum blockchain and now it announced their mainnet launch and ended their longtime ICO, and is no longer relying on Ethereum as its base layer (according to news about EOS). . After this launch, EOS no longer relies on ERC20 wallets and has its own new set of wallets. And here are the best EOS Wallets out there

# 1 EOS Freewallet Wallet

About 50% of users didn’t want to back up their private keys and more or less forgot their BUY paraphs, so Freewallet was created, which is one of EOS’s most secure wallets. You can freeze your account if you lose your device and be accessible from other devices. It’s a versatile wallet that stores your currency securely, which can be added with extra security by verifying your mobile phone number or email address. It supports mobile devices and the web version and is considered one of the best EOS mobile wallets.

eos wallet
eos wallet

Most EOS wallets offer the option to import only EOS wallet because creating an EOS account isn’t free. Freewallet offers free EOS accounts with memo (like the one on common exchanges)

The only drawback to Freewallet is that Freewallet is the manager’s wallet service. Therefore, the user will not have access to the wallet’s private keys.

Click here to download Free Wallet

# 2 Infinito EOS Wallet

Infinito Wallet serves as a gateway for users to maximize the use and potential of cryptocurrencies. Infinito Wallet aims to build an ecosystem of blockchain services including exchanges, ID / KYC solutions, and other blockchain related business services.

Infinito Wallet is an important part of Infinity Blockchain Labs Europe, with an unrivaled mission to be the number one cryptocurrency wallet for communities around the world. You can see more details on downloading and using Infinito wallet below

Register your EOS account name for free: 3 easy steps on Infinito Wallet!

# 3 GreyMass EOS Voter Wallet

Greymass aims to build tools to allow people to understand and use EOS, and moreover, to make this easy to use to the public. This is an open source software that will serve as the foundation for their full GUI Light GUI.

The best part is that the keys are encrypted with AES-256 encryption, even if you leave the device, you won’t lose the key as it will be stored in your device. You can select the desired API button for voting, which is a more secure solution than voting through the web interface. It allows you to support your EOS and even vote for producers, which is one of the key aspects of the main EOS network’s secure launch and approval.

Download GreyMass EOS Voter wallet

# 4 EOS Guarda Wallet

Guarda is a multi-wallet, supporting the most popular cryptocurrencies and tokens including EOS, BTC, ETH, ETC, Zcash, Ripple, DASH and many more. It is very reliable and safe and can be easily handled by any device.

Unlike many other wallets, Guarda does not store any customer information, wallet data or private keys. The private key is saved in your device’s secure memory and deletes itself if you sign out of your wallet. This feature makes it one of the most recommended wallets.

Guarda allows you to easily transfer your assets from one currency to another with no registration, restrictions, and complicated verification processes.

Use of Guarda EOS wallet

# 5 SimplEOS Wallet

SimplEOS is specifically created for the EOS ecosystem and is fully integrated with the features available in the EOS.IO software. It’s available for Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms, making it one of EOS’s top wallets. EOS Rio created this wallet, backed by its philosophy of security and transparency, as this is a requirement for most wallets.

SimplEOS is a desktop application where you can easily enter your EOS Mainnet private keys to claim your EOS Mainnet token.

Access and receive SimpleEOS wallet

# 6 EOS Scatter Wallet

Scatter is a desktop compatible wallet and it also offers chrome extensions. It allows you to sign transactions on the EOS blockchain with your private keys from web applications without ever revealing your keys and providing personal information easily and only when you want.

Access the Scatter EOS Wallet

# 7 imToken Wallet

imToken is Ethereum wallet the largest in the world, with an average of 6 million users with a volume of ~ 6-10% of all Ethereum transactions. They have started supporting multiple cryptocurrencies including EOS, BTC, etc. since version 2.0 of their wallet. The wallet offers a variety of options for use as an EOS wallet. You can enter your wallet if you already own one. You can also create an EOS wallet by paying ETH as a fee. If you have 3 TFT tokens in your iomToken wallet then you can create your EOS account in imToken wallet for free. See more detailed instructions at the link below.

What is ImToken? Instructions for registration and security of imToken e-wallet


So, CHK introduced for you to know Top 7 best EOS wallets recognized by the international community, in addition to these wallets of course there are other wallets, and wallets on exchanges, however it will be very risky, exchanges can be hacked at any time, typically. wex and cryptopia, … So use reputable and secure wallets if you intend to store it for a long time. In my experience, if the trade is continuous, I can keep it on the floor, without continuous trade, I will choose Freewallet, imToken or Infinito Wallet to store EOS

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