Top 9 best free messaging apps in Vietnam today

Top 9 best free messaging apps in Vietnam today


2021-03-22 03:29:12

Thanks to these free messaging apps, we only need to be connected to the internet to chat with friends comfortably, without spending any money on phone porridge. If you are in Vietnam, you are probably using one of these three extremely popular messaging apps.

If as these Line, Tango, Kakao Talk, Beetalk is disappearing then “Three giants” in this OTT village is becoming more and more popular. Nearly anyone who owns a smartphone will install one of three, even three of these applications, which are: Zalo, Facebook Messenger and Viber. Let’s learn about these top popular messaging apps in Vietnam with the Network Administrator.

1. Zalo messaging app

Zalo PC | Zalo for iOS | Zalo for Android | Zalo for Mac | Zalo for Windows Phone

Zalo is a messaging, voice and video calling application that has beaten all other competitors to become the most popular OTT service in Vietnam. Zalo’s strength is Vietnamese application, understanding the psychology and habits of Vietnamese people and thereby offering attractive features that are difficult to refuse. Although not the earliest messaging application in Vietnam, Zalo has quickly captured market share and gradually dominated this market with tens of millions of regular users every month.

The interface of Zalo Web

Outstanding advantages of Zalo:

  • Registration is extremely simple.
  • Have full features of messaging, calling, video calling.
  • The ability to recover sent messages helps you get back messages when you mistakenly send them.
  • Fun sticker set in Vietnamese, very lovely event, holiday.
  • No need to declare any information nor check mail to confirm, even if the account or password is lost, users only need only the phone number to retrieve.
  • Ability to backup messages, create polls, vote support, group chat and many other useful features for interacting with friends.
  • In addition to having full features of other applications, Zalo stand out even more by allowing users to own and use a personal diary page with instant sharing like a social networking site.
  • Ability to share information (files, images in HD quality) up to 20MB and can do with multiple files at the same time helps Zalo is the number one choice of civil servants, students or office workers.
  • Zalopage is becoming a fairly popular online business trend, also attracting more users to this application.
  • Ability to record up to 5 minutes of dialogue with voice quality, while texting is extremely stable even with 3G connection.
  • In addition, Zalo has many versions such as Zalo PC for Windows, Mac, Linux, Zalo for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Zalo Web browsers, extremely convenient.

Disadvantages of Zalo:

  • There is no version for Java.
  • Can’t connect directly to social networking sites Facebook, Twitter

Top 3 best free messaging apps in Vietnam todayVersions of the messaging app Zalo

2. Facebook Messenger messaging application

Facebook Messenger| Facebook Messenger for Android | Facebook Messenger for iOS | Facebook Messenger for Windows 10

Messenger was separated from the chat feature on Facebook and quickly became a favorite chat tool for Vietnamese users. If you walk around the major social networks, it is not difficult to see the chat screen images of this application being shared. Facebook Messenger emerged not only by “relying on” Facebook but also by itself this messaging application also brings interesting features, attracting users. Those two factors have contributed to bringing Facebook Messenger to the 2nd position in this ranking.

Facebook Messenger interface on the web
Messenger interface on the web

Main advantages of Facebook Messenger:

  • Support group chat, private chat, video call, voice call, and support secret chats.
  • You can send messages to people who are not in your friends list.
  • Share files easily, including photos, videos, document files, even apps
  • Free sticker warehouse and extremely rich.
  • Many custom colors, unique backgrounds.
  • Many fun games to play with friends while chatting.
  • Can archive messages.
  • Available on web browsers, popular smartphone operating systems.

Play games on Messenger
Play game EverWing on Messenger

Cons of Facebook Messenger:

  • No desktop apps available.
  • Occasionally encounter connection errors or application crashes on the phone
  • The message cannot be retrieved after sending.
  • Facebook messages cannot be retrieved if deleted permanently.

3. Viber messaging application

Download Viber | Viber for Android | Viber for iOS | Viber for Windows Phone | Viber for BlackBerry

Viber was once a direct competitor of Zalo. Popular in Vietnam around 2012. That is probably the time “gold” of this application, by no one does not know, no one does not use Viber, not only as a form of communication, but also a personal affirmation, because 2012 is a booming year for smart mobile devices and mobile applications on smartphones.

While Zalo just appeared, trying to understand the market and trying to improve its services, Viber fell asleep on victory, did not have much innovation and gradually lost market share in Vietnam. Present, Viber has officially been Rakuten – Acquired by Japanese Internet service and e-commerce company.

Viber interface on the computer
Viber chat application interface

Advantages of Viber:

  • Full featured messaging, voice call, video call, file sharing, contact, …
  • Support delete message even though it was sent, help recover messages in case of wrong sending.
  • Can create chat groups of up to 40 people.
  • Sticker support Vietnamese language.
  • Can play game.
  • Supports up to 60 different languages.
  • The audio filter works extremely well, helping users to hear and call with the best voice quality.
  • Viber can be called to other phone numbers even if they do not use this service.
  • Available on phone and PC.
  • Support to create a Public channel for organizations to communicate with customers, users, and fans.

Cons of Viber:

  • It consumes RAM on the computer and is quite heavy when installed on the phone.
  • Connection quality is not really good and stable.
  • To use the feature Viber Out, Users are required to pay fees.
  • There are stickers that users have to pay to buy to use.

Sticker in texting application Viber
Sticker of Viber messaging app

4. Signal

Download Signal


Signal is the most popular chat app at the moment, as people flock to encrypted chat apps due to privacy concerns on Facebook Messenger and others. Recently, Signal has become so popular that the service has had a hard time meeting the needs of its users.

Signal has everything: Messages, media content and attachments. Its ease of use and strong, open source, regularly tested encryption make it a security-focused favorite, receiving praise from the likes of Edward Snowden and many supporters. other privacy.

If you want to try this chat app out, check out our guide Make tech easier to start with Signal.

5. Telegram

Download Telegram


Telegram is a mobile messaging app aimed directly at security-conscious users. Telegram features fast, encrypted chat messaging, with client-server encryption for standard chats. Regime Secure Chat provides end-to-end encryption so that only you and the intended recipient can read it. You can even set self-destructing messages, share videos and documents, and participate in group chats for up to 200 users.

If you want to learn more, Make tech easier There is a tutorial explaining what Telegram is and how to use Telegram.

6. WhatsApp

Download WhatsApp


WhatsApp is part of the Facebook family, and it will likely add many of Messenger features as Facebook unifies its messaging services. But WhatsApp retains a certain number of “hard fans”, who consider it the best chat app for their needs. However, some users have switched to other apps after WhatsApp changed its personal data policy, forcing users to share more data with Facebook.

Users attached to WhatsApp can send text, photos, voice messages, and short videos to their WhatsApp contacts. The app has continuously added new features to its toolkit, such as emojis and fully encrypted messaging among WhatsApp users. Like Messenger, WhatsApp includes video chat features, with 50 people able to join the call.

You can learn about most of the app’s features from our manual Make tech easier on how to use WhatsApp, but remember to update the app to add more new features and protect against attacks.

7. Slack

Download Slack


Team-oriented messaging and productivity app Slack has hit the ground with companies and casual users alike, with its combination of messaging, scheduling, management, and app integration tools . Slack covers the basics of IM with real-time messaging synced across devices and also supports file sharing, direct messaging tools and groups.

In addition, the application also has a system of chat channels, allowing you to quickly set up subgroups for discussions by topic or task. Slack stores contact information, allows you to search through old messages, shared channels and files, and integrates with many services like cloud storage, Asana, Zendesk, etc.

The premium plan offers more features, such as extended file storage and better application integration. See Slack’s favorite tips and tricks Make tech easier to get the most out of this tool.

8. Discord

Download Discord


Discord is quickly becoming one of the best apps for gamers who want to communicate and collaborate both inside and outside the game. With powerful text and voice chat features, Discord allows users to create and join group servers, organize discussions around named text and voice channels to easily separate hosts. to discuss.

Users can participate in voice chat, send text and photo messages, and easily send invitations to the server for their contacts. Gamers will especially like the feature Go Live allows private gameplay streaming to up to 10 friends on Discord server’s voice channel.

9. Snapchat

Download Snapchat


Snapchat has risen to a spot in the best chat app rankings, as a simple self-destructing messaging, photo and video sharing app. Besides, the addition of new features has made Snapchat popular among young users.

At the core of the app, users can send Snapshots to each other – photos, short videos, or messages that only show up for a limited time before disappearing. But Snapchat has added more features like fun filters and photo editing tools, a more advanced story sharing system, bitmoji, and responsive chat. And even with those changes, Snapchat hasn’t lost the inherent fun, making it relevant in the rapidly evolving social media landscape.

Above are the most popular messaging apps in Vietnam that most people use. Also you may come across other names like Houseparty, Microsoft Teams, WeChat, Google Hangout, … How about you? Which messaging app are you using? Please share with us by commenting and sharing your experience below this article.

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