Top application to teach chess on the phone

Top application to teach chess on the phone

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2021-04-13 23:40:28

Humans have been playing chess for more than 1500 years, but today we still find new ways of playing and strategies for this intellectual sport.

The proliferation of free apps, the massive global competition on Twitch, and the cultural trend have made people play chess more often than before.

If you are also interested in this intellectual sport, you can refer to the chess apps below on your phone.

1. Learn Chess With Doctor Wolf

Learn Chess With Doctor Wolf is a great app for the beginner or the average player, for advanced players it is practically nothing but a refresher course.

For those looking for more advanced practice, please go to the site Lessons. Here you will see different items to practice like How to Castle and Connecting Your Rooks.

The lessons will be divided into sections that include Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. You can start from any category and choose as you like (save a few lessons Advanced as a prerequisite).

Learn Chess With Doctor Wolf

If you want to play game with AI, item Game will allow you to play chess for free.

If you buy the premium version, Dr. Wolf guides each move and teaches you directly. You can take a guided 3-time trial. After those three attempts, you can still play with Dr. Wolf but will no longer receive useful tips during play.

If click on the three dots to the right of the button UndoYou will find a list of actions and options. You can adjust the intensity of the game if it feels too easy or too difficult. One of the most interesting features is Training with Dr. Wolf, here Dr. Wolf will look at your moves and come up with specific custom scenarios for improvement.

If you do not like the character Dr. Wolf, the instructor-led feature allows you to switch among 3 other characters.

Return to the main game screen page, click on the three ellipses in the right corner, you will see the item Stats and Achievements have all the information and achievements you have gained while playing the game.

2. Magnus Trainer

You’ve probably heard the name Magnus Carlsen, chess grandmaster, champion of the World Chess Championship. The Magnus Trainer application has been developed to guide people in the way Magnus plays.

Item Course leads you from basic to advanced, making it easy for you to play with relatives and friends.

You will have to complete the order unless you sign up for membership, you can choose to start with the entries Basics, Easy, Medium or Hard. There is a tip from Carlsen at the beginning of each lesson that will be recorded in the documents section.

Magnus Trainer
Magnus Trainer

Page Game is divided into sections Foundation, Tactics and Calculation, allows you to play short games to get familiar with the pieces, problem solving and general knowledge of chess.

Item Lessons is a treasure trove of information about any aspect of the game you want to review. Although there is a range of lessons available for free, many are available only with registration.

The lessons are broken down into different genres, such as match-making or opening moves.

Part You Display your stats chart in each of the play areas. This is useful for seeing which areas you should improve and how far you have improved over time.

3. Lichess

No matter how many theories you have learned, you still need practice to improve your level – lichess is a great free option to play chess online from your iPhone or Android, especially all the features of lichess. are completely free.

The main dashboard can look a bit “intimidating” to new users. However, don’t worry if you understand the layout. Quick concatenation, the header contains the table with labels like 1 + 0 Bullet and 3 + 0 blitz, will take you into a multiplayer game based on the rules you choose.

Bullet, Blitz, Rapid and Classical refers to the amount of time each player has to make their moves. For example, Blitz There is usually a time limit of three minutes per turn. Numbers like 1 + 0 Indicates the time allowed per turn and the time increment is added to your watch at the end of the respective turn.


So, 10 + 5 means that each player has 10 minutes to complete their turn and a difference of five seconds is added to the clock when they complete their turn (time is only added if it takes you less than five seconds to do so. show your move. If your move takes only three seconds, the remaining two seconds will be added to the watch).

You can create games, play with friends with lichess or play against the computer.

Scroll down a bit deeper and you will see the puzzle for the day. This is a fun way to improve aspects of the game you might not even have thought of.

Press the button Menu at the top left will display a list of other features available on the calendar. Click Puzzles to receive a random script. Item Study Gives you access to information, you can learn about real-world strategies like Sicilian Defense and Queen’s Gambit.

You can play a game online on this app, your opponent will be a computer or install a game so your friends can play with you.

4. Chess

Chess from is another outstanding app for playing chess online. You will find common methods of playing such as online play, computer play, and puzzle solving to train your brain.

You will also find some valuable features of the Chess app’s own like entries Video contains a lot of videos by high ranking chess players focusing on specific aspects of the game.

Item Forum A place for players to ask questions and share information regardless of skill level. Want to see expert level game analysis or find out a solution to a puzzle you just can’t seem to get past? Forum is where you need to go.

Page Drills Allows you to select an area of ​​the game to work as King and Two Pawns vs King and let you play against the computer in that layout.

5. Chess Tactics Pro

Chess Tactics Pro is a simple app for people who just want to solve puzzles. Instead of a bunch of different features, Chess Tactics Pro focuses on doing the basics well.

Chess Tactics Pro
Chess Tactics Pro

Tab Daily Update six new puzzles (each with easy, medium and difficult levels) every day. Page Puzzles There are more than 300 puzzles for you to choose from. When playing any of the puzzles, you can click on the item Analyze in the top right to see what exact moves are, or a question mark icon in the bottom right for hints.

Item Progress Create a puzzle to match your current skill level – victory increases your Elo rank, loss decreases.


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