Top cheap clothes drying cabinets but the quality is not “cheap” that you definitely have to own during the wet season

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2021-04-16 22:39:33

Every wet season comes with worries that clothes are foul-smelling and wet, and will not dry out, even though they have been squeezed in a washing machine. The best solution is to buy a tumble dryer. However, not everyone can afford to buy a high-end clothes dryer.

Understanding that, manufacturers have launched affordable clothes dryers with good quality. Please refer to the good price clothes dryer in this article by make tech easier!

Bennix clothes dryer BN-0186 – Price reference 850,000 VND

Bennix BN-0186 clothes dryer has a maximum drying capacity of up to 20kg per drying because the cabinet frame is designed with sturdy stainless steel, good resistance and rust resistance. The cabinet uses high-grade durable canvas, with a lifespan of 5-10 years.

The heater of the cabinet has a capacity of up to 1,500W, helping to dry clothes quickly. In particular, Bennix clothes dryer is applied anti-wrinkle drying technology, so you will not waste time ironing clothes.

In addition, the Bennix BN-0186 clothes dryer can turn off a timer from 30 to 180 minutes with the remote control, depending on the amount of clothes you wash.

Bennix clothes dryer BN-0186KNOB – Price reference 790,000 VND

Bennix clothes dryer BN-0186KNOBBennix clothes oven BN-0186KNOB is fully functional and designed similar to the Bennix clothes oven BN-0186, however, the only difference is that the capacity of the Bennix-0186KNOB clothes dryer is reached. 1,200W, which equates to clothes weight per drying of 15kg.

Sunhouse SHD2702 clothes dryer – Price reference 1,399,000 VND

Sunhouse SHD2702 clothes dryer

Sunhouse SHD2702 clothes dryer can dry up to 15kg / time. This product applies a static drying method to avoid abrasion or creasing. In addition, the machine uses PTC thermal resonant drying technology to double the protection of clothes.

Sunhouse SHD2702 clothes dryer has a capacity of 900W, helping your family save energy when using. The product has a floor rack for easy assembly and convenient storage.

Sunhouse SHD2707 clothes dryer – Reference price 1,520,000 VND

Sunhouse SHD2707 clothes dryer

Sunhouse SHD2707 clothes dryer applies static drying method, helps to dry clothes in about 1 hour, with maximum drying volume of 15kg.

The dryer is equipped with a large radiator, which allows the hot air to spread out evenly throughout the oven, so the clothes will dry evenly. The drying temperature of the machine can be up to 65 degrees Celsius, killing 99% of bacteria and eliminating the fear that clothes will not dry and mold, especially in drizzly and humid days.

Tiross TS-880 clothes dryer – Price reference: 1.140.000d

Tiross clothes dryer TS-880

Tiross TS-880 clothes dryer can dry up to 10kg of clothes at a stable temperature, dry clothes quickly and resist wrinkles. The design of this dryer is luxurious, compact, suitable for medium-sized spaces such as apartments, groups or inns.

With the electromagnetic pulse generator system, this clothes dryer will completely kill bacteria, protect the health of you and your family.

Samsung HD-882F clothes dryer – Reference price 890,000 VND

Samsung HD-882F clothes dryer applies 360 degree drying technology with fan blowing from 3 directions, helping clothes dry evenly.

Samsung HD-882F operates with a capacity of 900W, runs extremely quietly, does not cause annoying noise for users. In particular, this product also has a very convenient remote control, you can choose the drying mode you like.

The Samsung clothes dryer has a maintained temperature of 60 to 70 degrees Celsius, so it only takes you about 1 hour to dry your clothes, 50% savings compared to traditional dryers.

In addition, the oven has a sterilization function, killing up to 99% of bacteria in clothes. When using the oven, you will minimize wrinkles and can dry 15kg clothes at the same time.

In addition to being used as a cabinet, Samsung HD-882F can also be used to heat in cold days. With strong heating capabilities, the cabinet can warm up to 25 square meters of rooms.

With our suggestion, you must have chosen the clothes dryer that suits your finance and needs. Let the clothes dryer be a reliable companion, helping you overcome worries that your clothes will smell bad and wet during the wet season!


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