Top Chinese photo editing app is HOT

Top Chinese photo editing app is HOT


2021-03-30 08:23:24

Chinese photo-editing app is hot in the photo-editing online community, or those who use TikTok. These photo editing apps bring users a lot of new editing tools, colorful filters, to help you create trend-catching images on TikTok or TikTok hot trend videos. These tweaking apps are sought and sought by many young people to “drop listening” on social networks, changing their own image. The following article will introduce readers to the popular Chinese photo editing applications.

1. Huang you (Butter Camera)

Huang you, also known as Butter Camera, is a photo editing app that focuses on color filters and options for writing text to images. In addition, we also have many stickers of Chinese characters to insert into the image. These stickers are constantly being updated from the application or community using Butter Camera. In addition to editing photos, the video uploaded to Butter Camera also has many novel editing tools.

2. Xingtu

The Xingtu photo editing app is basically an image editing app like Huang you, but it will add background removal and photo collage, color change, smart makeup with many filters suitable for each part above. face, … With full body images, you can use body beautification tools such as stretching legs, slim waist, small biceps, …

The parts that add stickers to images or color filters are still available on Xingtu for us to insert into images.

3. App Meitu

Meitu application is certainly not strange to those who often “hunt” for Chinese photo editing apps. Meitu is also a photo editing product from China, but the language is more supported by the manufacturer so it is easy to use. Meitu has tools for us to edit photos, beautify or collage photos with frames. Especially not to mention the feature of supporting background removal for you to combine professionally and at your disposal.

4. Tide selfie

Tide selfie offers a variety of photo assist features, such as basic photography, movie-style photography, leg-length photography, facial makeup, and beautification to create pictures. trendy, attractive photos.

Tide selfie


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