Top software for making music on computer

Top software for making music on computer


2021-03-24 16:07:06

Computer music software is an essential and important tool for those who regularly compose music or edit sounds. The music making tools not only help us to create complete mixes, but you can mix many genres of music, or even change the melody, vocals, filter out noise … .com will introduce you to some music making software on your computer.

1. FL Studio makes music on PC

FL Studio software produces professional, advanced music, supports you to compose, reorder melodies, record, edit, mix, adjust music quality, … The software has 3 versions: Signature, Producer and Fruity, with Signature and Producer, you can add more features and effects to create quality music.

2. Avid Pro Tools

Like all other digital music making software, Pro Tools can perform the functions of an audio recording and mixing engine, along with additional features that can only be done with detailed content. numbers, such as non-destructive editing, that use the Undo feature.

Avid Pro Tools enhances collaboration, advanced automation, end-to-end integration, and workflow coordination. From new virtual instruments, samples and sounds, to tons of MIDI enhancements and presets, Pro Tools keeps you creative.

This music making software also includes the UVI Falcon, a great acoustic fusion virtual instrument that offers limitless creativity by making sounds fast with easy drag and drop.

Avid Pro Tools
Avid Pro Tools

3. Steinberg Cubase Pro

Cubase Pro is an award-winning tool, praised for its intuitive workflow and advanced features, making it a comprehensive music making tool. Steinberg Cubase Pro comes with a wide range of virtual instruments, effects and thousands of sounds.

Cubase Pro combines superior sound quality, intuitive processing, and advanced collection of MIDI and audio tools. This music making software also includes 32-bit and 64-bit stereo support, the Distroyer Saturation plug-in, support for high-resolution displays, and more.

Steinberg Cubase Pro
Steinberg Cubase Pro

4. Apple Logic Pro X

Logic Pro is one of the most popular music making software out there. The new Logic Pro X was released in 2013. It has a new interface, a customizable window, with a similar design to Final Cut Pro X. The new tools in this release are Drummer, tool Virtual automatically plays along with your song in a variety of drum styles or techniques, and Flex Pitch, the equivalent of Flex Time for pitch editing in recordings.

Logic Pro X provides a large collection of plug-ins and sounds, allowing for rich instrument and effects layers to be created. Logic Pro allows you to produce amazing sounds using realistic reproduction of classical instrument, powerful modern synthesizers, and complex multi-sample instruments.

Apple Logic Pro X
Apple Logic Pro X

5. Magix Acid Pro

ACID Pro 8 is the first version of Acid Pro since MAGIX acquired Sony’s Creative Software line, released in spring 2018.

This up-to-date music making software features a sleek, modern, and inspirational interface with powerful 64-bit technology. It offers versatile multi-track recording capabilities with dozens of new tools and effects plug-in.

Acid Pro 8 has a large number of loops (9GB) and provides an efficient way to record, play, edit and mix with MIDI, plus advanced audio editing features.

The good news is that the VST3 support is provided in a free update, giving you access to thousands of third-party plugins.

Magix Acid Pro
Magix Acid Pro

6. Ableton Live

Ableton Live is a music sequencer (an app that can record, save, play and edit audio files) and digital audio workstations. Contrary to many other sequencer software, Live is designed to be a suitable tool for live performances as well as a tool for composing, recording, arranging, and mixing.

It’s also used by DJs, as the tool provides a controller for beat matching and other effects. You can work with multiple MIDI clips on multiple tracks in a single, applicable view Session and Arrangement.

Live’s new update has loads of workflow improvements, allowing you to get more done from your desktop with Push. Part of Ableton Live’s appeal to many users is the partial-oriented sorter that makes performing, creating, and live improvising very easy.

Ableton Live
Ableton Live

7. Presonus Studio One

Studio One is a great DAW for any music producer. The extra flexibility the Pattern enhancements make makes it even more awesome. Best of all Chord Track and Sample One XT. Editing Tempo tracks is also faster and better than ever. You can edit the tempo using familiar, smoother automation tools.

This music making software offers a rich list of new features. Along with the big update, combining the best of the traditional studio model with modern methods to make great tracks.

Studio One has unlimited instrument and sound tracks. It also includes Melodyne Essential 4 editor and online cloud services. The new and improved features are Impact XT & SampleOne XT, Chord Track and Patterns for drums and tunes. The purpose of Studio One is to make things as simple as possible.

Presonus Studio One
Presonus Studio One

In addition, you can refer to some other tools such as: Magix Samplitude Pro X, Cockos Reaper, Propellerhead Reason, GarageBand or Bitwig Studio.

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