Top super blockbuster movies that were never produced

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2021-11-09 08:17:19

1. Dune by Alejandro Jodorowsky

The film adaptation of Frank Herbert’s masterpiece, this is a highly anticipated film project and it will be epic to have big names like Orson Wells, Salvador Dali, Mick Jagger and Pink Floyd involved in this project. .

The novel Dune written by Frank Herbert is considered a masterpiece in the world of science fiction literature. But even before it was adapted to the Hollywood screen – first by David Lynch in the ’80s and then by Denis Villeneuve in 2021, it was made by director Alejandro Jodorowsky – known for his films. Sensational artworks like El Topo and the Holy Mountain, Alejandro Jodorowsky…

So, when he was entrusted with the project of adapting Dune, the director was very excited and accordingly he invited a number of famous artists, musicians and actors to be able to make this dream come true. . From Orson Welles to surrealist artists Salvador Dali and Mick Jagger, many famous characters are set to appear in this film.

Even the music company Pink Floyd is on the list that is likely to provide music for this movie. In the end, however, the film could not be made because Jodorowsky’s vision for the film was too much ahead of its time at the time.

The director wanted it to be a 12-14 hour movie, while studio executives thought it was too long and accordingly a big budget, so he disagreed. Interestingly, this film’s illustrated screenplay and a lot of pre-production artwork significantly influenced the Hollywood films made after it. The story of the demise of this project was later told fairly faithfully in a documentary called Jodorowsky’s Dune (2013).

2. Stanley Kubrick’s Napoleon

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Stanley Kubrick was ready to make his masterpiece on the life of Napoleon Bonaparte shortly after his success in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Famous actress Audrey Hepburn is expected to play Josephine, Napoleon’s wife. However, despite decades of research by Kubrick, it was eventually shelved.

It can be said that 2001: A Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick is a blockbuster and surprised many people when it hit theaters. At the time, the film was a marvel of storytelling, top-notch visual effects, and it also earned critical acclaim. After the success of this film, Kubrick’s next project was Napoleon Bonaparte.

He has sent some of his close collaborators to Europe, and is himself working hard to create what he considers to be the best “Napoleon” film ever made. He had some very powerful visions for the film, including recruiting David Hemmings for the role of Napoleon and Audrey Hepburn for the role of his wife, Josephine. Moreover, the director thought of building complex war scenes with about 50,000 soldiers present for the Battle of Waterloo.

However, MGM studios withdrew from the project, and another Napoleon film, Waterloo, came out in 1970. This dampened his interest in making the film, and it was ultimately abandoned. set aside. Interestingly, several of the films the director made later have “benefited” from his research for this film, including Barry Lyndon (1975) and Eyes Wide Shut (1999).

3. Superman Lives by Tim Burton

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Tim Burton is already the director of a Superman movie, and it’s safe to say it would be interesting to see when it’s completed. but that never materialized. After four successful Superman films starring Christopher Reeve, the studio felt the need to produce more films about the superhero. Also, the fact that the comic book series “The Death of Superman” had just released at that time made the revival of this superhero interesting.

It started with Kevin Smith writing the script for this film, but then the project changed hands many times before Burton was assigned to direct. In the end, Nicolas Cage was offered the role of Superman, and the plot was supposed to include Brainiac, Lex Luthor, and Doomsday as the villains.

It is said that Brainiac and Lex Luthor will merge into a single character, set up the Apocalypse on Metropolis, and ultimately kill Superman. However, he will resurrect and Superman’s AI friend, K, will help him regain his strength and ultimately defeat all the villains by the end of the movie.

Christopher Walken is expected to play Brainiac, and Lois Lane will be played by Courtney Cox or Sandra Bullock. However, the film was never made for a number of reasons which were mainly financial and it was too difficult to make at the time. In 2015, a documentary was made about this film’s failure called “The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?”.

5. Batman: Year One by Darren Aronofsky

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“Batman: Year One” is one of the most iconic Batman comics to date, and a similar film has been made by Darren Aronofsky. Interestingly, Joaquin Phoenix would play Batman in this movie, however this project was later not made.

After the terrible reception of Joel Schumacher’s Batman films, the studio wanted to reboot the series and assign Darren Aronofsky to remake the Batman character.

While the project originally wanted to adapt the iconic comic book series “The Dark Knight Returns,” with Clint Eastwood playing the role of Old Batman, the project soon scaled back and took on “Batman” : Year One” as the inspiration for the script. However, this version of Batman was not very friendly at the time.

Aronofsky intends to dramatically alter Batman’s origin story, where Bruce Wayne will actually lose all of his possessions upon the death of his parents and will grow up on the streets of Gotham and forge his passion in several fields of study such as chemistry and martial arts. However, for some reason it has not been done so far and probably never will.

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