Top up Sorcerer King card, how to load Sorcerer King

Top up Sorcerer King card, how to load Sorcerer King

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2021-06-05 13:46:42

In addition to receiving the Sorcerer King code to have support rewards in the team. You need to “pump” more money into the game to get diamonds. It’s like the Great War Pirate code, AFK Arena code, Ngu Than Master code…

Although receiving code rewards can help newbies get used to the game faster. But if you have been in the game for a long time, you will need diamonds to perform in-game activities or buy necessary items with diamonds.

There are currently two ways to recharge the Sorcerer King, one is to recharge directly in the game and through the Sorcerer King recharge page. Here are two ways to load Sorcerer King diamonds.

Load the Sorcerer King on the game’s website

Step 1: Visit the link below to access the Sorcerer King card loading page, then log in to your playing account. Choose your character and choose from the refill packs below.

Sorcerer King Card Loading Page

Step 2: Select Special Packages, Gift Card packs or special Diamond packs and select Confirm Payment.

Step 3: If you already have money in your GOSU wallet, just follow the rest of the instructions to finish loading packs or diamonds into the game. If you don’t have money in your wallet, please click Here in the forwarding section and choose a deposit method.

Step 4: In the top-up interface, select the top-up package and press Payment confirmation.

Here, I choose to top up via ATM/Banking online, select Continue to confirm the deposit into GOSU wallet.

Log in to your banking account and confirm the payment.

top up magic king card nạp

How to load the Sorcerer King directly in the game

Click on the Deposit icon in the upper right corner.

nap kc king of france

In the card loading window, select the top-up package according to the price corresponding to the number of diamonds received.

nap kc king of france

Confirm payment by double-clicking to pay for the selected top-up plan. Remember, you must first link your VISA card or MOMO wallet to your iTunes account.

nap kc king of france

You can choose to top up diamond packages by weekly or monthly card. In addition, you will receive more attractive gifts if you make the first deposit in the game.

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