Tornado Cash developer detained for another 3 months

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2022-11-24 14:29:48

The Dutch court recently ruled that Alexey Pertsev, the developer behind the Ethereum “mixer” Tornado Cash, will remain in the Amsterdam prison until at least February 2023.

Tornado Cash developer jailed for another three months in Amsterdam

As CHK has reported since August, Tornado Cash, a cryptocurrency mixer has been banned in the US since August 8, 2022, and the person behind it is subject to sanctions.

Under the accusation of aiding criminals to handle more than 1 billion USD in dirty money, especially the notorious North Korean hacker group, Tornado Cash developer Alexey Pertsev, has been imprisoned in the Netherlands since August.

Despite a wave of public protests and criticism, Alexey Pertsev will be imprisoned for another three months. The developer’s wife – Ms. Ksenia Malik is upset:

“It is not clear what arguments they made about not releasing my husband under house arrest. The attorneys have confirmed they keep him for an additional 90 days, but I have not seen any official documentation that would justify this.”

The community protested against the arrest of the inventor of Tornado Cash
The community protested against the arrest of the inventor of Tornado Cash

Pertsev’s lawyer Keith Cheng said he was very disappointed with the decision.

“Obviously the judges here aren’t as good at handling this as they usually are. Currently, the only case law to rely on is the Bitcoin Mixer… But the court needs to understand Tornado Cash completely differently.”

The official decision this time from the court made the crowd of protesters even more angry. Edward Snowden, an American now living in Russia, also expressed outrage after the leak of documents from the National Security Agency, comparing Pertsev’s treatment to the executives of the disaster exchange FTX .

Tornado Cash is a “money mixer”, capable of jamming the origin and virtually wiping out transaction traces on the blockchain, to increase privacy and make tracking difficult. Because it is an open source and completely decentralized project, Tornado Cash has inadvertently become a “thorn” in the eyes of governments and law enforcement agencies.

“I’m ready to accept any restrictions if released on bail, I just want to go to church with my wife” is one of the very few developer statements in court through an interpreter.

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