Tourists will be able to buy air tickets with crypto in Venezuela

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2021-10-12 12:49:24

According to a statement by Maiquetía International Airport Director Freddy Borges, travelers will be able to purchase airline tickets in Venezuela with cryptocurrency in the near future.

Tourists will be able to buy air tickets with crypto in Venezuela

He said the organization is working to adapt its payment system to accept some cryptocurrencies as payment for airline tickets and other services offered in the airport.

We will enable crypto payments in the platforms of Maiquetía International Airport and commercial operations, in collaboration with the Sunacrip agency.

Among the coins mentioned in support, Freddy Borges mentioned Bitcoin (BTC), Dash and the Petro. Borges stressed the importance of establishing these payment methods to facilitate purchases by tourists who may be coming to Venezuela. He said the airport needs to accelerate the rollout of these new tools for rapid adoption.

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The use of crypto as a payment method will be regulated by Sunacrip, the Venezuelan cryptocurrency watchdog. Maiquetia International Airport is one of the most important civil airports in the country, handling passengers from 17 different international destinations.

This is not the first time cryptocurrency has been considered a payment method for airline tickets in Venezuela. A national airline called Conviasa announced it would start selling tickets in a similar manner in 2019. At the time, Joselit Ramirez, the national cryptocurrency director, announced that these operations would Confirmed in less than two minutes.

Then, Turpial Airlines, another national airline, announced it would accept Bitcoin payments for air tickets last August. Turpial Airlines is a small airline that operates three Boeing planes, but is one of the first private airlines to announce support for crypto payments.

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