Trade Follow Global – Potential Social Exchange

Trade Follow Global – Potential Social Exchange


2021-03-27 21:19:12

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“Social trading” considered a new step appeared in online trading community recently. “Social transaction” emerged thanks internet revolution. Over the past time, investing in commodities, forex, indices and cryptocurrencies are all required know-how and professional skills. Now, instead of applying the knowledge you already have, you can rely on your business knowledge and experience Other professional traders to make money from the market.

Among the many “social trading” platforms today, Trade Follow Global are not merely beneficial new traders, but also to bring benefits good traders to improve their skills and income. Our system supports Experienced traders, share strategies and automatically copy trades.

Top Trader

TFG uses these top quality standards to choose the Top Trader. These are professional traders and money management professionals. Their trading history should be consistently profitable. The Top Trader of TFG performs these short-term trading orders and will close all orders within one profit day up to 2% per day. This means the Follower can receive results and profits daily.


If you follow and copy orders from other traders, you can enter the market even if you are too busy, can not invest time and research the market. Tracking and copying transactions can be applied on a variety of financial instruments, incl Forex pairs, stock exchanges, commodities and more. Profits will be more stable because the Top Traders’ orders are trustworthy. Depending on your capital, you will be able to track up to 10 Top Traders and minimize your risks.

Fees and insurance

TFG will keep 30% Follower’s profit is used to pay Top Traders (15%) and the rest is used to build the Operations & Insurance Fund. Insurance rate is 50%, means that Follower can get 50% of the value of the loss if their daily trading results in a loss.

Investment & securities

Profit target up to 200%. After achieving this Goal, Follower will receive principal and need to re-deposit to continue trading and making profit with TFG. The number of Top Traders that Followers are allowed to track depends on the amount of capital invested.

Also, our future goal is listing shares on public exchanges year 2020. We give priority to our early investors with a stock donation program. TFG is donating shares to all investors until the total number of donated shares reaches 1,400,000 shares (40% of our company’s shares). Owners will receive dividends from the company’s revenue on a monthly basis, and can be exchanged within our community from August 2019. Stocks can also be traded on public exchanges once approved. to be listed in 2020.


All Follower can earn commissions from referral programs and networks ours. We appreciate the members who help develop marketing network and create the opportunity for our customers to earn more income from their own network. Commissions will be charged on the referrals’ investments. Your opportunities and income will never be limited. In addition to participating in trading on financial markets, you can grow your affiliate network and generate additional income with attractive partner programs ours.


Tendency at present shows, “Social transactions” can be a big step up from traditional trading on Forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, etc. Top Trader was the best solution for anyone Beginner or those who do not have the time to learn and analyze the market.

In tradefollow.globalYou can open one Demo account and learn how floors work before opening one Follower account real and start tracking copy transactions.

Learn more about Trade Follow Global via About TFG and accede Our community soon to profit from the financial markets and receive priority in many exciting programs!

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