Trademark registration for McMetaverse restaurants, McDonald’s ambition to join Metaverse

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2022-02-12 15:00:17

Deciding to register 10 trademarks in the virtual world for McMetaverse restaurants, it seems that McDonalds has ambition to enter and develop in this field.

McDonalds trademarks McMetaverse restaurants

McDonalds trademarks McMetaverse restaurants

With the act of trademarking 10 restaurants on a virtual world platform, McDonalds is clearly showing its plans and intentions in the field of Metaverse.

Today, sharing on tweet, trademark attorney and Gerben founder of Intellectual Property Josh Gerben informed that McDonald’s filing has been going on since March 4. According to this minutes, plans to grow. will include “a virtual restaurant with real and virtual goods” and “operating a virtual restaurant with home delivery.”

Some of the company’s products will be offered as “downloadable media files” for artwork, audio and video files, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Besides, McCafe was also added by McDonald’s to the Metaverse trademark registration list. The brand will then be ready to provide entertainment services “in particular, providing virtual and virtual concerts online and other virtual events”.

Attending concerts in the virtual reality world of their favorite artists at McCafe is a topic of public interest.

It can be seen that these types of concerts bring a lot of value such as: removing the geographical barriers that prevent fans from seeing their favorite artists perform, and also significantly reducing the cost of touring. for artists to help lower the price of tickets to attend.

In particular, in the current epidemic situation, concerts in the virtual reality world will certainly create a huge attraction.

To be able to do this, McDonald’s will have to compete with other emerging virtual concert organizers like Animal Concerts.

F&B enterprise registers trademark Metaverse

F&B enterprise registers trademark Metaverse
F&B enterprise registers trademark Metaverse

Before that, the Panera Bread chain of bakeries and cafes was also taking active actions in bringing its brand into the Metaverse.

Accordingly, on February 3, Panera Bread filed a similar trademark application for a chain of virtual restaurants and cafes called PANERAVERSE.

The chain’s development plans include products such as: downloadable content and NFTs, virtual food and beverage items, and virtual facilities where users can congregate.

Sharing on Forbes on February 9, Gerben announced that

“I think you’ll see every brand you can think of to do these filings within the next 12 months.”

At the same time, he also shared that

“I don’t think anyone wants to be the next Blockbuster and completely ignore a new technology coming out.”

It is known that the average time it takes for the US Patent and Trademark Office to review this type of trademark application is about 9 and a half months. However, Gerben believes that both McDonald’s and Panera Bread will likely face some tough issues while they wait for their applications to be approved.

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