Transforming User & IT Experiences Through Real AI

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2022-06-22 05:13:55

According to the global AI readiness survey, 75% of Asia Pacific respondents think AI technology should be a strategic priority for their businesses. However, 83% of Southeast Asia is still in the infancy stage of AI Technology adoption. According to each Government’s AI Readiness Report, researched by the Oxford Insights consulting organization, Vietnam ranks 62nd out of 160 surveyed countries and territories. This result puts Vietnam in a strong position to apply this technology.

Real AI technology produces real results

Developing and deploying enterprise AI technology at scale across a company’s infrastructure network requires a state-of-the-art technology foundation. Juniper Networks, a pioneer in client-to-cloud (customer-to-cloud) Artificial Intelligence for Information Technology Operations (AIOps) is outpacing the competition with advanced and global features. more present.

One outstanding application of Juniper Networks is anomaly detection. In overcoming the root of the problem, many companies only use statistical methods for anomaly detection, but claim to use AI technology. These methods are prone to generate large amounts of false-positive results requiring human investigation. Mist AI created by Juniper is more than 95% effective in accurately detecting network problems, self-correcting, and providing solutions.

In the US City of Philadelphia, the city’s Office of Technology and Innovation (OIT) has provided cross-functional Information Technology services to more than 30,000 workers with Juniper technology. In more than five years of partnership, the city now relies on Juniper solutions to connect and secure hundreds of offices, private data centers, and cloud instances.

Thanks to Juniper Networks, ThaiSri, one of Thailand’s largest insurance companies, has centrally managed various services and devices with less complexity, enhancing performance and efficiency. In 2019, the company drove 41% growth in premiums, issuing more than 1.2 million premiums — with no additional investment.

Finally, Juniper Networks has allowed Aston Martin Lagonda to strengthen its IT network, enable its departments to work faster and more efficiently, and re-brand as a luxury electric vehicle company. first in the world.

Integrated location-based services for diverse industry needs

AI-driven location-based indoor services are another highlight of Juniper Networks.

Juniper’s smart Wi-Fi solutions and the patented Bluetooth® LE virtual solution provide location services that are exceptionally accurate between one and three meters (and often less than that). ) without calibration nor battery signalling. Businesses quickly find equipment and other assets in locations at scale. Businesses can also send customers promotions, greetings and step-by-step instructions via their mobile phones.

In the retail sector, the above services help improve the in-store shopping experience, order processing speed; allows access to online analytics, data security. Services also help improve supply chain management and space efficiency, determine population density, and campus mobility patterns.

Global recognition

Juniper Networks has received widespread industry recognition. Juniper AI is used by four out of ten Fortune 10 companies. Gartner, a technology research and consulting firm, also highlights the reliability of the Juniper AI network. The Magic Quadrant, published by Gartner recently recognized Juniper Networks as a Leader in Indoor Location Services. Previously, Gartner also recognized Juniper Networks as the Leader in Wired and Wireless LAN Infrastructure for 2021 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Enterprise, with Juniper Networks highly rated for Performance and Compute Perfection of the Vision.

Juniper Networks enables users and operators to have a ‘client to cloud’ experience. Juniper Networks is a great companion for Vietnamese businesses, meeting all needs and sizes to help businesses get ready for AI technology.

To learn more about Juniper Networks and the brand’s leadership position in the Gartner’s Quadrant reports, please visit here.

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