Traveling to take photos, live stream to be as beautiful as actor Hong Dang goes to Spain

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2022-07-01 11:37:52

Recently, actor Hong Dang and director Ho Hoai Anh had a trip to Italy and Spain. During the trip, both artists often share activities when discovering new lands to their followers.

Actor Hong Dang livestream (screenshot)

In which, actor Hong Dang plays the role of key media, he often takes photos, records videos and live streams activities so that followers can see some of the beauty of Italy and Spain. If you are also planning to travel and share often like actor Hong Dang, learn the way he does.

Using iPhone

The iPhone’s font removal feature (Photo: FBNV)

iPhone and especially the latest iPhone 13 Pro are currently the best travel photography and video recording devices available today. Based on the images that Hong Dang shared, it can be seen that he is using an iPhone Pro, possibly 12 or 13 Pro Max.

Photo taken from iPhone by actor Hong Dang even when backlit (photo FBNV)

Although the iPhone’s camera is not strong in terms of parameters such as high dots or huge sensors, the iPhone’s software and photo algorithms always easily bring the most realistic photos right away. For example, when shooting against the light, the iPhone can still keep the subject from burning because of the sun and blue sky.

Or when taking portraits, the font removal feature with the ability to clearly recognize the subject makes the photo look like it was taken from a professional mechanical camera.

Use a selfie stick

During his trip to Spain, some photos showed actor Hong Dang using a selfie stick. This is a very useful tool for taking selfies with a beautiful scene behind but still getting the whole scene.

Normally, the front camera of the iPhone or many smartphones today cannot take wide-angle shots. So, taking pictures with a selfie stick will help users a lot. Moreover, the price of this accessory is very cheap and easy to carry on the plane.

Bring a sports backpack

Traveling, actor Hong Dang uses sports backpacks for most outings in cities like Milan or Venice and we should learn from this. Carrying a sports backpack with many compartments will help you carry many accessories such as power banks, chargers to power your phone.

Normally, the phone will drain the battery very quickly when taking photos and especially livestreaming. Especially when moving from one place to another, we often use 4G or 5G instead of wifi, which will consume more battery. So with a trip that can last all day, carrying a phone and spare battery will be essential to comfortably use the device.

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