Trevor Jones, Don Diablo, and Alotta Money to Sell NFT on Origin Launchpad

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2021-07-31 00:12:22

We are pleased to announce that Trevor Jones, Don Diablo, and Alotta Money will be available for sale TRΞAL collection 6th anniversary of Ethereum’s official launch (July 30, 2015). This is the first time that the three masters have collaborated for a unique art product. Additionally, the creators chose to receive a portion of the ΞTHΞRΞAL sale in Origin tokens (OGN) purchased on the open market with the ETH raised, demonstrating their confidence in the long-term success of the Platform. Origin.

This sale marks an innovative step in the NFT economy. ΞTHΞRΞAL is 1 of 9 chapters in EthBoy’s journey. ΞTHΞRΞAL buyers will receive a significant portion of the revenue from the 9 NFT sales in the EthBoy story. This makes the first chapter not only unique and enduring, but also a stock representation of future works by Trevor Jones, Alotta Money, and other guest artists.

ΞTHΞRΞAL will be the best combination of traditional art, programming art, music and augmented reality effects in just one collection. The auction will begin at 6:30 on August 6 and will last for 48 hours.

About ΞTHRΞAL and the prize for the winner

Last year, Trevor Jones and Alotta Money co-produced EthBoy, a piece of programming that evolves over time based on ETH/BTC price, gas price, and other external variables. This work was sold to MaxStealth, laying the groundwork for a chapter of the EthBoy story.

EthBoy is a 5-year project divided into 10 chapters. Every 6 months, a new chapter is released in the form of a living artwork, which is EthBoy. Each piece is unique, capturing the fluctuations of the crypto market and surrounding events.

Chapter 1: THRΞAL

ΞTHΞRΞAL has completed the first chapter of the EthBoy journey. Part 1 tells the story of EthBoy’s journey from its founding last year to today – June 30, 2021, and documents the changes in price and gas fees of Ethereum and surrounding events. NFT features guest appearances such as Elon Musk, the late John McAfee, and various Crypto Punks.

Elon Musk played the main character
Elon Musk played the villain

In addition to the exclusive NFT only, the winning collector will also receive a signed 1 in 1 physical ΞTHΞRΞAL painting, size 80cm x 60cm. The painting has augmented reality built through the Artivive app with animations and music produced by Don Diablo.

The artists are finally producing autographed physical prints of the original EthBoy painting. Only 10 of the signed prints (101 x 80 cm / 39.7 x 31.5 in) will each be given to the owners of 10 EthBoy chapters over the next 5 years. physics, creating a multi-layered work of art. Augmented reality layers will also be added, creating fascinating layered artwork.

The winner will get a share of the revenue of the following chapters

For the first time, renowned EthBoy artists and owners and collector, MaxStealth, have pledged to share future proceeds from the EthBoy collection with chapter 1 buyers, ΞTHΞRΞAL. The winning bidder will receive a share of the revenue on all 9 successive chapters of EthBoy over the next 4.5 years.

As the first chapter of the story, ΞTHΞRΞAL is also the model for the rest of the collection. Trevor Jones, Don Diablo, Alotta Money and future invited artists/producers will collaborate in the creation of future pieces in the collection and enhance value for the original collectors of the collection. surname. As more artists and collectors join EthBoy’s creative journey, the community surrounding this one-off series will continue to grow and leave a lasting impact on the entire crypto industry. .

The share of revenue for the following chapters is as follows:

Chapter 2: 20%

Chapter 3: 10%

Chapter 4: 6.67%

Chapter 5: 7.50%

Chapter 6: 6%

Chapter 7: 5%

Chapter 8: 5.71%%

Chapter 9: 5%

Chapter 10: 4.44%

Cooperation with Origin

The Origin team is delighted that these world-renowned creators have chosen the Origin NFT Launchpad to drive their sales. We believe in putting creators first and allowing them to connect and interact more directly with their fans and collectors. The Origin NFT Launchpad allows institutional creators to sell NFT ‘off-platform’ on their own branded websites, allowing to sell NFT on their own terms whenever they want.

We are also delighted that the creators who have chosen to receive a portion of THΞRΞAL’s sales with Origin tokens (OGN) will be purchased on the open market with the ETH raised, demonstrating their confidence in the success of THΞRΞAL. long-term success of the Origin Platform.

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