Turn Linux Xfce into retro Windows with Chicago95

Turn Linux Xfce into retro Windows with Chicago95


2021-05-30 18:03:54

If you’re running a Linux device with the Xfce window manager, you can bring the retro Windows style back to Chicago95. This theme system automatically configures your desktop to closely resemble the beloved Windows 95 operating system.

Install the Chicago95 theme

Install the Chicago95 theme

To get Chicago95, download and extract the file or simply clone the GitHub repository.

Note that Chicago95 only officially supports Xfce 4.12 and 4.14 desktops (along with experimental support for KDE Plasma). Also, keep in mind that the install script will only apply to the current user.

You can start the automatic installation by running the script installer.py, as instructed below.

1. Open a Terminal and change folders to folders Chicago95.

2. Run this command to start the installation:

python3 installer.py

3. When prompted, select the components and customizations you want. For example, you can choose not to modify your Terminal to look like the Windows Command Prompt.

4. Click Install. This process may take several minutes.

5. Once the installation is done, you can exit and start enjoying your new desktop.

Edit after install

Some things after installation may not be completely true to Windows 95 style. You can make some manual edits of varying difficulty.

For example, recreating the iconic Start menu button is pretty straightforward. You will need to do the following:

1. Right click on the Whisker menu button and click Properties.

2. Switch to tab Panel Buttons.

3. Set display Fort Icon and title, then enter Start into the textbox Title.

4. Click the button Icon. It should look like the current Whisker menu icon.

5. Find the little Windows icon. It should be named xfce4-whiskermenu. If you don’t see it among your icons, you may have to look in /.themes/Chicago95/misc in the home directory.

Recreate the iconic Start menu button
Recreate the iconic Start menu button

Changing the classic desktop templates is another simple tweak. Just open the desktop settings menu and set your wallpaper to one of the images found in the subfolder /Extras/Backgrounds in the folder Chicago95.

If you want to make additional improvements, like installing the classic MS Sans Serif font or adding the Windows 95 startup sound, check out Chicago95’s installation instructions for details on those actions:


Hope you are succesful.


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