Turning Galaxy Z Fold4 to run Windows Phone ‘recalls many memories’

Turning Galaxy Z Fold4 to run Windows Phone ‘recalls many memories’


2022-09-05 01:08:01

(CHK) When a folding screen phone runs on the Windows interface, it will be very interesting, right?

Just launched not long ago, the developers have brought a new shape for the Galaxy Z Fold4 – Samsung’s new generation folding screen phone model will put on a Metro interface “old and new”. ta” by Microsoft.

More specifically, with launcher Square Home for external monitor and Win-X launcher For the inner screen, Galaxy Z Fold4 will bring sweet reminiscence to those who love the once legendary Windows Phone platform.

With Fold4, users cannot use two separate launchers for the external and internal screens. But with the ‘If, Then’ action coming from the app Bixby Routines. Users of Samsung’s latest generation of foldable models will have a perfect Windows Phone launcher with Square Home when you fold the device to the outer screen, and Win-X Launcher when the inner screen is unfolded.

More than just a familiar Metro launcher with moving and resizing tiles. Users can also customize useful gestures to quickly open other functions such as the camera.

Inside the Z Fold4 will be the Windows 10 interface similar to that on a PC with the Start Menu bar located in the left corner, displaying all the pre-installed applications inside the device. Besides, the notifications will also display with the same interface as on the extremely ‘quality’ computer.

For those who love the Windows Phone platform for a while, try downloading and experiencing on the Galaxy Z Fold4 model. Although it does not bring the same feeling of use as the Metro of many years ago, it also somewhat reminds us of a beautiful childhood memory and the development of the mobile industry many years ago. .

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