TVL boomed in just 6 months

TVL boomed in just 6 months

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2021-07-07 04:54:08

Terra Panorama this week will mark the first half of 2021. We will review the achievements, highlights of this period to see the explosion of TVL value in just 6 months.

The source of the article is referenced from Terrians.

The panorama of Terra . ecosystem

To make it easier for you to imagine, let’s re-system:

  • DEX: Loop, Terraswap, Local Terra, Levana Protocol.
  • Lending & Borrowing: Anchor, Mars Protocol.
  • Synthetic: Mirror Protocol.
  • Yield Farming: Sandlock, Apollo DAO, Kinetic Money, Spectrum Protocol.
  • Asset Management: Spar Protocol.
  • IDO Launchpad: Pylon Protocol, StarTerra.
  • NFT: Talis Protocol.
  • Payment, Saving: Kash, Solidefi,, Chai, Memepay, Capapult, Suberra, Zengo, Orion Money, Glow Savings, Kado, Spaar, Alice, PaywithTerra, Yotta, Mavolo, Astral Money, Tiiik Money, Artemis.
  • Bridge: Wormhole, Terra Bridge.
  • Charity: Angel Protocol, Subsidium Digital.
  • Betting, Gaming: LoTerra, BetTerra, Fantasy Investar, Preserver Protocol, INK Protocol.
  • Insurance: Ozone.
  • Wallet: CHK Wallet, Math Wallet, Mirror Wallet, Oxis.
  • Others: Buzlink, Harpoon Protocol, Learn Terra, Stader Labs, Rerun, Mirror Market, Terrable, Luna Loot, imtheredrabbit, Edge Protocol, Terra Bites, Tsunami, TerraScan, Valkyrie Protocol.

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Terra Ecosystem Overview

Outstanding numbers

The most prominent is probably the number of members of Terra Charity Alliance, when launched in a short time, there were 19 projects committed to contributing profits to the remaining member – Angel Protocol, for charity.

Outstanding numbers on Terra in the first half of 2021

‘s first IDO Pylon Protocol, or more broadly the Terra ecosystem, which is MINE, was sold out in just 47 minutes. This number is not really outstanding when compared to Polkastarter, Raydium,… But think carefully about Marketing, perhaps up to this point, many of you still don’t know the existence of Pylon Protocol. 47 minutes is also a bright spot of Terra.

Speaking of fundraising, both Orion Money and Alice successfully raised $1.7M and $2M respectively from famous investors such as Delphi Digital, Hashed,… or from Do Kwon.

Finally, the number of Airdrop projects for LUNA Stakers has reached 22.

New projects of H1 2021

Over the past half year, the number of new projects on Terra has grown tremendously. Among them, most of them belong to the Payment/Saving segment.

To explain this, it is because every project tends to be built on the basis of UST and Anchor Protocol, so if projects want to build on Terra, the easiest way is to pay and save. , attracting cash flow to Terra through Anchor Protocol.

Total Value Locked (TVL)

Although it has only grown in a short time compared to other ecosystems, Terra’s TVL has been in the top 4 blockchains with the most TVL according to The previous names are all familiar: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon.

Terra’s Total Locked Value for the first half of 2021

A good point is that Terra’s TVL actually only comes from 3 projects, of which 2 are native Terra, the rest are Lido Finance. Thereby, it shows that the demand for Terra’s Anchor and Mirror projects is huge, even though Mirror was released only about half a year, and Anchor was about 4 months.

Looking at the line chart below, it can be seen that Terra’s TVL started to grow very quickly around March 2021, coincidentally that was the time of Anchor’s launch, demonstrating the demand for a Fixed Yield from people. use is real.

Terra Token Report

If comparing the number of ecosystem tokens, this is really a weakness of Terra, when the number of projects grows, but the number of tokens is only 3 (excluding UST and similar Stablecoins).

But in the next half year, a lot of projects have plans to launch their tokens. Pylon Protocol with unique MINE farming, Loop Finance is in the process of raising capital, or Orion Money – the project that won the first prize DeFi Hackathon March 2021 also got the handshake of Delphi Digittal, Hashed,…

Number of tokens on Terra first half of 2021: LUNA, ANC and MIR.

In terms of 3 tokens LUNA, ANC and MIR, it is easy to see that the most profitable investment belongs to LUNA, despite the severe drop in May, when the LUNA ROI was up to 950%, which is almost x10 if you keep LUNA to the present.

Similarly, MIR gives a relatively good ROI of 324%, which is really hard to achieve with traditional investments for half a year.

Contrary to LUNA and MIR, ANC is having a slight decline (18.6%). This can be explained by ANC’s launch time is very short compared to LUNA and MIR.

UST report

UST is considered a “specialty” of Terra, so what achievements has UST since the beginning of the year?

UST . first half report of 2021

UST’s Market Cap has grown tremendously by more than 20 times, peaking at $2.1B. In parallel with this growth, the price of UST has been holding close to $1 very well, although sometimes the deviation is close to 15%, but this period does not last too long, showing that UST . model is working very well.

In addition, other prominent events are also shown in the figure to show the correlation with Market Cap UST, which event do you think affects the UST capitalization the most?

Featured events

Finally, the top 10 outstanding events of Terra, including events that greatly influenced Terra such as cooperate with Secret Network via Secret Terra Bridge.

Top 10 outstanding events on Terra in the first half of 2021

What are the top 10 outstanding events of Terra in your opinion, you can comment below.

Projecting the future of Terra

Some of the main puzzle pieces now have winners; However, this is like a game without an opponent, when Synthetic and Lending have almost no second name (Mars Protocol there is still no actual product in Lending).

Therefore, my prediction in the next half year is that there will be some more names in Synthetic and Lending. In addition, the appearance of the DEX should also be mentioned, as evidenced by Loop Finance and Local Terra having spoken out about the launch of Testnet.

At the same time, my prediction is that Terra Charity Alliance will have a high probability of reaching 50 members by the end of the year if this growth rate is maintained.

If NFT is really a “delicious bait” to attract users to join the ecosystem, in Terra, since the launch of Talis Protocol as a marketplace more than a month ago, it is also the last news. about the NFT that I know. It seems that this segment in the second half of the year is nothing too special.

The key character of Terra: Payment, is very likely to expand the number of projects, as this is one of the easiest ways to increase demand for UST.


In the past half year, despite the market correction, Terra also has many outstanding achievements such as the strong growth of Market Cap UST or the combination of Secret Network and Terra.

Although the first half of the year seems like the “showtime” of Anchor and Mirror, the second half of the year promises to be a more dramatic playground, when the appearance of DEXs like Loop Finance, Local Terra, or Mars Protocol – the name potential for unsecured loans.

Will the wave of IDO on Terra explode after MINE? Payment will still dominate Terra in the next time? Let’s wait and see Terra’s next steps in the next half year of 2021.

Above is the Terra report in the first half of 2021, what impressed you the most? Please comment below to discuss!


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