Twitter Integrated BTC – Massive Bitcoin Option Expires, Should You Care?

Twitter Integrated BTC – Massive Bitcoin Option Expires, Should You Care?


2021-10-17 06:09:08

Nearly 3 Billion USD Bitcoin Option Expires

Bitcoin price yesterday still fluctuated around the threshold of 44,000 – 42,000 USD. Other altcoins also fluctuate in price according to BTC. After more than 3 consecutive days of BTC with a higher deposit on the exchange, the last day, the amount of BTC withdrawn from the exchange dominated. This is a good trend for BTC price.

Then there was a FUD news coming from China’s push to ban crypto, causing the price to drop to $41,000. Derived from an article from Bloomberg. They said that the People’s Bank of China said crypto-related transactions would be considered illegal financial activities, including services provided by foreign exchanges. It added that cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Tether, are not fiat currencies and cannot be circulated. However, Bloomberg did not provide an official source at all.

China has always been strict and this information is just a government repeat of information from 2017. The Chinese government is printing nearly $100 billion this week to support Evergrande. Maybe because China is afraid that people will take money to buy Bitcoin for fear of high inflation, so they just posted information reminding people of China’s laws on September 15, but it is only now shared, on the day of Bitcoin. Options expire.

A much talked about event is the news that over $2.9 billion in Bitcoin options will expire today. And the maximum pain price, which is the price with the most loss options, is $44,000.

The conspiracy theory is that there will be force in the market to push the price to the maximum pain price because then, the number of losers will be the highest. However, Thuan believes that this is a buy or sell option, so this event will not have too much impact on the BTC price.

Looking back at the coins that have been at the top in the historical years of BTC like 2013, 2017, only BTC continues to hold the top position. Other altcoins in the top 10, top 20 have continuously changed over the years. Therefore, it is important when investing that we need to take profits to protect the profits we get from investing BTC as well as altcoins.

Twitter officially adds Bitcoin and NFT to the social network

Apple’s iOS Twitter users will now be able to connect limited third-party services to their profiles on the social networking site Twitter. That will include the ability to link both Bitcoin addresses and process transactions through the Lightning Network for very low fees.

Twitter also announced today that it will be adding non-fungible token verification (NFT) features to the platform, an important step in the evolution of an explosive trend towards digital art. unique, especially the avatar on social networks. No specific schedule has been given for this feature, the feature is still under development.

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and Square, is also promoting BTC adoption and making BTC a part of everyday life. website hacked

The website is inaccessible after being hit by a gift scam. Earlier Thursday, a pop-up message blocked the homepage screen, inviting visitors to deposit funds into a bitcoin wallet. The message says the amount will be doubled and sent back. The message asserts that it is because the Bitcoin Foundation is “give back to the community”.

The announcement says that only the first 10,000 users can take advantage of this offer. The message includes a QR code for the wallet as well as its address. All other functions of the website at that time were restricted because the user could not see the message.

The gift giving scam address has received more than 17,700 USD. This is a very familiar scam but still a lot of people are still scammed.

Kraken Lets Users Buy Over 50 Cryptos Via Apple Pay and Google Pay

Kraken crypto exchange users will now use Apple Pay and Google Pay after the platform announced support for these two wallets.

In a blog post, Kraken points out that users can now automatically connect the Kraken App to the two payment platforms and purchase more than 50 cryptocurrencies.

The exchange notes that with the payment apps, users can purchase digital currencies for as little as 10 USD, with a maximum limit set at 7,500 USD for a seven-day rotation. day. This integration of Kraken exchange will make it easier for them to reach more users and bring the payment methods people are used to in daily life into the crypto experience.

Binance helps law enforcement detect criminals

Binance is facing criminal investigations in the US, UK, and Japan among others. Not only is Binance the largest cryptocurrency exchange right now, but they also want to show their willingness to cooperate with major government and law enforcement agencies.

Based on its activities, Binance detected a number of accounts associated with the addresses of criminals mentioned in the notice of the financial crime control agency – OFAC. Subsequently, Binance notified OFAC and assisted the agency in freezing the criminal accounts.

This is also Binance’s way of showing its willingness to continue working with law enforcement and showing that crypto can be useful in tracking financial crimes.

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