‘Two steps’ in the air defies the laws of physics

‘Two steps’ in the air defies the laws of physics

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2021-07-16 06:27:47

‘Two steps’ in the air – a special treatment that defies the laws of physics of the 22-year-old baseball player who plays for the San Diego Padres Club in the match last week, making the online community amazed. .

Specifically, in a match with the Nationals Club at Petco Park, when the Padres home team was led 7-5. When the player on the opposite side throws a “homerun” – the term in baseball. The ball went towards Fernando. It seemed out of reach, but Fernando caught the ball in an unexpected way. He bounced to catch the ball and when he was at the highest point in the air of that jump, he leaned forward for another beat, making himself a little taller.

To better see this stretch of Fernando, take a look at his hips (waist) in the image below:

This “contrary to physics” action has left viewers in awe.

Explaining the “unscientific” phenomenon

“2-step jump” is a concept when virtual characters in video games are somehow able to perform higher jumps than they actually are. However, according to scientists, this cannot happen in reality because it violates Newton’s second law as follows:

The acceleration of an object is in the same direction as the force acting on the object. The magnitude of the acceleration is directly proportional to the magnitude of the force and inversely proportional to the mass of the object. – Isaac Newton.

However, in reality there are still some cases of overcoming this law of physics, successfully “floating” in the air for a longer time than usual. This phenomenon is called “time hanging”.

According to physicists, some people (usually athletes) have excellent processing abilities, being able to adjust their bodies for the purpose of changing their center of gravity while in the air. When in this state, they simultaneously release the muscles and stretch a little more. So we mistakenly think they have “jumped” 2 steps.


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